28.6.1807 Elringtons adv. at Philips'
Perhaps John Battersby Elrington. Two children of a John Battersby Elrington and his wife Isabelle Parker were baptised in Jamaica in 1792 and 1793. Confessions in Elysium, a "licentious" translation of Wieland by JBE was published in 1802 and his translation of Russian Tales by Nicolai Karamzin in 1803, though the translatorship is also attributed to a Dane, A.A. Feldborg.(see romtext.org.uk/reports/engnov4). John Battersby Elrington, late of Hemas-terrace, Chelsea and formerly of Gt Titchfield-st was in the Fleet prison 23.1.1811 and the Kings Bench prison 4.2.1811 to 22.8.1811 and was listed as a debtor in Newgate prison June 1813. At the other end of the scale of respectability there was Thomas Elrington (DNB 1760-1835) Church of Ireland bishop.