Falkener, William

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SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Falkener of Bishopsgate St proposed 27.9.1782 by John Jebb 2nded Thomas Hinton Burley Oldfield
The will PCC 1756 of Lyon Falkener of St Botolph without Bishopsgate mentioned his wife Hannah and her mother Sarah White widow. Lyon Falkener bach of St Andrew Undershaft = Chelsea 30.9.1750 Hannah White sp of St Mgt Westmr by lic. Lyon Falkener was admitted to the Fletchers Company of London on 20.11.1750 and his son Edward born 22.7.1751 was made free by patrimony on 4.8.1772. Lyon Falkener merchant Bishopsgate Without was in 1752 directory and in Land Tax records at Bishopsgate St 1751-1756. William son of Lyon & Hannah Falkener was bapt St Botolph Bishopsgate 9.8.1752. Robert Bullcock otp bach = St Botolph Bishopsgate 4.6.1758 Hannah Falkener otp wid by lic. William son of Lyon Falkener deceased was appr 1.8.1766 to Robert Bullcock haberdasher of Tinplate Workers Company. Robert Bullcock was in directories as a haberdasher at 28 Bishopsgate St Without from 1765 to 1791, from 1784 in partnership with John Templeman and also listed as whalebone cutter and as venetian blind maker. Old Bailey witness 28.6.1780 William Faulkner haberdasher of Bishopsgate St. The will of Hannah Bullcock formerly Falkener, wife of Bishopsgate PCC dated 21.5.1785 mentioned her sons Edward and William and his son William Augustus Keppel but her bequests to William and his son were conditional on his conveying an estate at Uppingham, Rutland to his brother Edward. Robert Bullcock was buried at St Botolph Bishopsgate 25.4.1813 of 172 Bishopsgate St age 84. William Falkener apparently had a wife Sarah de Rippe and a son William Augustus Keppel Falkener born about 1778. They emigrated to Philadelphia by 1787 and moved to Warrenton, North Carolina where they ran academies for boys and girls (see ncpedia.org/biography/falkener-william). The 1800 census showed William Falkener as having 25 free white males aged 10 to 16 and 18 black slaves in his household, the 1810 census showed 26 females aged 10 to 16 in William Falkener's household, the line beneath was William A K Falkener and showed 45 black slaves. Falkener, his son and both their wives all died there in the year 1819. There was a Sarah De Rippe dau of Abraham & Sarah bapt 18.12.1755 at Stibbington Hunts, Sarah wife of Abraham was buried there 10.11.1759, and a Sarah De Rippe = Spalding Lincs 21.11.1781 William Gregory. The will of Abraham De Rippe PCC 1806 Wandsworth mentioned no other De Rippes or Falkeners. The De Rippes seem to have come from the east midlands to London like the Falkeners.

Work notes
The name Lyon Falkener (they tended to be particular about the spelling) passed down through (usually alternate) generations from Lyon Falkener, gentleman of Uppingham, Rutland will PCC 1655 to Lyon Falkener born 1867, M.D. 1900, son of Edward Falkener (DNB 1814-1896)
Edward Falkener grocer 30 Bishopsgate St Without was in 1774 directory. Edward Falkener bach = Bermondsey 6.7.1774 Mary Rudsdell sp botp wit Joseph Falkener. Joseph Falkener (born 1754 of Lyon & Hannah) = St Botolph without Bishopsgate 29.10.1775 Mary Parker botp by lic, but not mentioned in the will of his mother Hannah Bullcock 1785. Gazetteer 6.1.1777 Edward Falkener grocer of 42 Bishopsgate St without, bankrupt. Lyon son of Edward Falkener gent of St Giles Cripplegate was appr 1.8.1792 to Francis Vincent of Clothworkers Company, £5 premium paid by Christs Hospital. Will PCC 1813 of Edward Falkener of Bridge Row London mentioned son Lyon Falkener, and daughter Hannah wife of Luke Whitby coal merchant of Bridge Row. Luke Whitby bach of St Martin Vintry = St Olave Hart St 26.1.1809 Hannah Mundee Falkener otp sp a minor with consent of her father Edward Falkener, wits Lyon Falkener, J W Falkener. (A John Willis Faulkner and a William Falkner were both listed as residents at 5 Asylum Pl, Westminster Rd in Holdens 1811 directory. John Willis Faulkner of Westminster Rd age 54 was buried at St George the Martyr Southwark 5.4.1818).