Favell, Samuel

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SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Samuel Favell of Tooley St proposed 25.10.1782 by John Jebb 2nded Henry Keene not elected, proposed again 6.2.1784 by Michael Pearson 2nded John Jebb
GODWIN DIARY: 5.11.1790 Favel at Rev Socy / 10.5.1811 call on Favel /  12.10.1826 Favel adv at Guildhall.
John Favell of Tooley St slopseller (i.e.2nd hand clothes dealer) of Tooley St will PCC dated 5.5.1781 mentioned wife Jane sons John & Samuel sister Sarah Chapman widow of Bearbinder Lane, London, nieces Mary & Martha Camm, 3 nieces daughters of brother Walters, proved 8.3.1794. He died 29.1.1794 Father of the Artillery Company (Morning Post 6.2.1794), and was buried Bunhill Fields 7.2.1794 age 79. Richard Chapman = St Geo Mayfair 17.1.1741 Sarah Favell. John Favell wid of St Botolph Bishopsgate = St Benet Fink 22.8.1742 Jane Collins sp of St Olave Southwark age 23. Jane Favell bur 6.1.1800 Bunhill Fields age 85. 
In 1827 Samuel Favell published letter to Lord Eldon saying he had belonged to Lord Gordon's Protestant Society (1780). In another letter of 9.1.1821 from Grove Crescent Camberwell he said he had lived in the parish over 60 years (he was 61) and had once had a commission in Princess Charlotte's regiment. Whitehall Evening Post 5.6.1783 on Southwark merchants committee against stamp tax. Public Advertiser 6.5.1784 steward of Surrey Dispensary dinner. Morning Post 16.5.1785 chaired meeting of Quintuple Alliance 12.5.1785. General Evening Post 6.12.1785 on committee of Sunday Schools Society. Samuel Favell = St Gregory Norwich 10.1.1786 Sarah dau of William & Judith Bardwell of Brandestone, Norfolk. Their children were baptised at Bull Lane Independent chapel, Stepney. Sarah 1786 (died 1800) Mary 1788 (died 1791) John 1789 (died 1789) Mary Ann 1790 (died 1804) and Samuel 1795, and Sarah Favell was buried 8.12.1795 Bunhill Fields age 29. Samuel Favell SunFire 1789 & 1797 slopseller of 247 Tooley St, Southwark. He was appointed Treasurer of the Revolution Society Dec 1788. In 1789 he was listed as a member of the United Company of Merchants of England. World 26.4.1792 on 19.4.1792 he chaired an inaugural meeting of the Society of the Friends of the People at the Three Tuns Tavern in Southwark. Also in 1792 he was a subscriber to Robert Robinson's Researches and a governor of the Bermondsey Deaf & Dumb Asylum. 17.11.1792 report of George Lynam "Favel in Tooley Strt, avows himself Paine's Supporter" but Thale's note says Favell ceased attending SCI when it voted to collect funds for Paine's defence, and in Dec 1792 he wrote to government denying that he supported Paine (Thomas Paine DNB 1737-1809, Nat Arch TS 11/959/3505 and Thale p 27 n 85). Old Bailey 18.4.1798 he was too ill to attend as witness, according to Pearson his apothecary he had rheumatic fever. St James Chronicle 15.9.1798 he was admitted a corn meter at Court of City Alderman. He married on 2.9.1799 at Bourton on the Water, Glos, Elizabeth only dau of the late Rev Benjamin Beddome (DNB 1717-1795). Their children Elizabeth Caroline born 1805, John born 1807 and Richard Beddome born 1809 (see Al Cantab). Farington's Diary p4971, p5026 & p5540: Favell owned "Rizpah" by Opie, "makes so many oppositions to government speeches in City Common Council". London Gazette 10.9.1803 Captain in Loyal Southwark Volunteer Infantry. He chaired the meeting at New London Tavern, Cheapside18.6.1806 that founded Mill Hill School, and he laid the foundation stone of the new schoolhouse there on 16.6.1825, when he was remembered by one of the pupils as "a very ponderous gentleman" his bust is presumably still on display in the school (The History of Mill Hill School by N G Brett-James, portrait of Favell on p.1). Cobbett's Register 23.12.1809 on committee to support Col. Wardle. Morning Chronicle 3.10.1811 letter to Electors of Southwark declining to stand for parliament. On 26.9.1812 Samuel Favell chaired meeting of independent liverymen of London at the New London Tavern, Cheapside to support Matthew Wood and Robert Waithman as candidates for Parliament. In 1813 he was steward of the Irish Charitable Society. Morning Chronicle 26.3.1814 Master of Clothworkers Company speech to Dukes of Kent & Sussex. In 1821 his Speech on the Propriety of Revising the Criminal Laws was published by Rowland Hunter (successor to Joseph Johnson). Letter of 9.1.1821 (mentioned above) concerned riot at Golden Lion, Camberwell and earlier meeting in Green Coat School. In 1824 he subscribed £5 to Spanish refugees. Morning Chronicle 2.7.1825 spoke at inauguration of London University. Many other entries in Gale's British Newspapers and Times Digital Archive. Samuel Favell died 18.6.1830 age 70 and was buried Bunhill Fields 20.6.1830. Times 22.6.1830  "Mr Favell had been in better health lately than usual, and attended publc worship three times on Sunday, was at Camden Chapel in the evening, went home, supped and talked cheerfully with his family, went to bed at half-past nine, and before ten was summoned into eternity by a stroke of apoplexy, and died in a moment in bed." His will PCC dated 12.11.827 of Camberwell Grove mentioned his wife Elizabeth, dau Caroline, sons John & Richard, brother in law Josephus Beddome, nephew Richard Boswell Beddome of Nicholas Lane, brother in law Thomas Hawkins of Norwich (= 25.11.1783 Martha Bardwell), sister in law Ann Barbe, John & William Bousfield (his business partners since 1798 or earlier), friend and pastor Rev Wlliam Orme (will PCC 1830), Samuel Robinson Esq (see Old Bailey 7.7.1819 re almshouses in Hackney), Richard Shrub, Joseph Gutteridge (will PCC 1844) & Miss Brooke proved 14.7.1830. His daughter Elizabeth Caroline Favell spinster will PCC 1840. Standard 29.1.1849 death of widow of late Samuel  Favell at Clapham Rise in her 84th year