Fawcett, Thomas & Isaac

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GODWIN DIARY: 8.4.1796 at Thos Fawcett's with Powel, Bedder / Fawcett 17.1.1795 at Powell's with Thelwall, Bailey, Walker ( and compare 2.2.1795 Bailey Walker Bedder at Thelwall's) was Isaac or Thomas (see below) and not Joseph as coded on GD website
SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Isaac Fawcett of Camomile St proposed 1.2.1793 by John Balmanno 2nded John Horne Tooke. Thomas Fossett of Pancras Lane proposed 15.3.1793 by Stewart Kyd 2nded John Balmanno
Isaac Fawcett of White Cross St articled 26.11.1783 for 5 yrs to Thomas Yates of New inn, authorised by his brother William Fawcett oilman of Fenchurch St, and witnessed by James Fawcett mariner of White Cross St. Isaac Fawcett 1785 clerk to Thomas Hunt of Allhallows Court, 1789 Isaac Fawcett attorney of Allhallows Court, Gracechurch St.. Isaac Fawcett otp bach = All Hallows Lombard St 26.4.1789 Frances Harding otp sp by lic. William Isaac of Isaac & Frances Fawcett bapt there 25.4.1790. bur there 16.1.1791, their dau Frances bapt there 1.5.1791. Will of William Fawcett oilman of Fenchurch St dated 24.7.1787 mentioned mother Elizabeth, brothers Isaac and James, sisters Elizabeth & Dorothy, and a property in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, proved 29.3.1792. Isaac Fawcett attorney of Cammomile St 1793. Isaac Fawcett the younger attorney of Bishopsgate St witness in Thomas Hardy's trial 1794. Isaac Fawcett bur 11.4.1823 St Botolph Bishopsgate age 54. Will of Thomas Hunt PCC 1797?, will of Jonathan Miles PCC 1773
Isaac Fawcett bach of St Ann Blackfriars = St Andrew by Wardrobe 21.7.1774 Ann Vurley sp of St Geo Bloomsbury. Thomas of Isaack & Ann Fawcett bapt 1.5.1775 St Mary le Bow (of St Pancras Soper Lane). Isaac Fawcett directory 1780 merchant of  86 Queens St, Cheapside 1783 brandy & whalebone merchant of 12 Pancras Lane. Old Bailey witness 13.12.1786. Isaac Fawcett senior, brandy merchant of Pancras Lane, Cheapside died 20.7.1797 (True Briton 22.2.1797 suddenly at Epping on his road to town) buried St Gregory by St Paul Churchyard Vault 23.7.1797. Not apparently closely related to Isaac Fawcett the younger above who was clearly the SCI member / Thomas Fawcett SunFire 1777 distillers opposite Grub Street, Chiswell St, will PCC dated 6.12.1787 distiller St Luke Old St (67 Chiswell St, Moorfields) mentioned brother Isaac of Pancras Lane, brother Mark and sister Phillis Honey both of Merton, son Thomas at school at Hackney, wished to be buried at Richmond, proved 11.3.1795, he was bur Richmond 29.1.1795 age 61 / Thomas son of Thomas Fawcett bapt 24.9.1775 Richmond, Surrey / Thomas Fawcett of Pancras Lane Cheapside subscr to Winterbotham's America 1795 / Thomas Fawcett bur 2.8.1795 Bunhill Fields age 26 from Finsbury Court / Thos Fawcett SunFire 1802 whalebone & cane merchant, boiler & cutter, 16 Old Change, who went bankrupt 1803. The brothers Thomas & Isaac Fawcett seem to have both had a son Thomas baptised in 1775, the Thomas buried 1795 age 26 doesn't quite fit them, though he was from Finsbury Court which was near to Thomas Fawcett's in Chiswell St. The SCI member, and so probably the Thos Fawcett in Godwin's Diary 1796, was most likely Thomas son of Isaac Fawcett, and probablt the bankrupt of 1803 as his father was a whalebone merchant and Old Change was not that far from Pancras Lane.

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Thos Fawcett 1806 leased 21 John St Marylebone (Birmingham Archdiocese 23/5/3/20). / Thomas Fawcett tailor Carey St SunFire 1779, Thos Fawcett tailor of Maiden La Covt Gdn voted Fox & Rodney 1780, bankrupt 1785, voted Townshend 1788, Thomas Fawcett tailor of Blenheim St, St James voted Hood 1790 / Thomas Fawcett coal merchant of Shepherd St, St Geo Han Sq voted Burdett 1818