Fenwick, Eliza

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GODWIN DIARY: them 16.7.1799 & 15.10.1800 underlined in GD website, should be coded to John & Eliza Fenwick / 22.7.1805 meet EE & O Fks probably meant Eliza and her daughter Eliza and son Orlando

The birth record of Orlando Fenwick in 1798 (Nat Arch RG4/4661 and RG5/36) stated his maternal grandparents were Peter and Elizabeth Jaco. The will of Peter Jaco, hosier of St Leonard's Shoreditch (Nat Arch PROB11/1080) proved in 1781 mentioned his wife Elizabeth, daughter Elizabeth, father Nicholas, older brother Benjamin, sister Mary Wallis, brother Thomas and niece Honor. This whole family can be found in the baptism registers of Paul in Cornwall with the surname spelt Jacka. Peter Jaco (1728-1781) was one of the early Methodist preachers. He served in Warrington, Dublin, Cornwall, Sheffield (1765-6) and from 1767 in London. His will left £100 to his daughter at age 21 or on her marriage, and the residue of his estate after his wife's death. His wife was buried at the City Road Chapel, London on 7.1.1796 (Nat Arch RG4/4263 and RG4/4333). For John Fenwick's Methodist background see Vaughan, Priscilla


ELIZA FENWICK (1766?-1840)
CURRENT TEXT "to Thomas and Elizabeth Jago and baptised Elizabeth on 25 June at Pelynt, Cornwall. Little is known of her early life although she spoke of a sister and brother who remained in Cornwall."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <to Peter Jaco (1728-1781), an itinerant Methodist preacher born in Cornwall, and his wife Elizabeth (d.1796). Peter Jaco settled in London in 1767 and was in trade as a hosier in Shoreditch, leaving £100 to his daughter Eliza, the only child mentioned in his will.>
NOTES Peter Jaco's will Nat Arch PROB 11/1080/184. Peter son of Nicholas Jacka bapt Paul, Cornwall 4.5.1728. Orlando Fenwick's birth record (Nat Arch RG 4/4661 and RG 5/36) gave his maternal grandparents as Peter and Elizabeth Jaco. Eliza fenwick was the only child mentioned in her father's will. The brother referred to in her letters was probably her brother-in-law Thomas James Fenwick, and she did not refer to a sister but to another miss Jago, probably her cousin Honor.
CURRENT TEXT "feckless John Fenwick"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <feckless John Fenwick (1757-1823), the son of another Methodist preacher,>
NOTES John Fenwick baptised St Mary Newington, Surrey 4.1757 son of John & Priscilla Fenwick. For his death date see below
CURRENT TEXT "her daughter, Eliza, and her son, Orlando,"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <her daughter Eliza (c.1789-1828), and her son, Orlando (1798-1816),>
CURRENT TEXT "John Fenwick was last known to be alive in 1817 but his wife referred to him as being 'morally dead' in 1821, suggesting he was still alive."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <John Fenwick, who was immortalized by Charles Lamb as Ralph Bigod in The Two Races of Men, was buried at St Anne Limehouse on 21 December 1823.>
NOTES He was probably living at the time of his death with his younger brother Thomas James Fenwick in Limehouse. See my website edpopehistory.co.uk under Fenwick, Thomas James