HCR diary 25.1.1832 at the Aders thé dansant at Willis' Rooms "Flor the German appeared in several characters - he was very entertaining as Catalani and sung a mock song very laughably"
21.3.1832 at Aders "Flor came there" "Flor seemed shocked by hearing of the death of Westfal in Sicily mentioned by Mayer. The talk chiefly on painting"
Very likely the German artist Ferdinand Flor born Hamburg 1793 died 1881. He spent most of his working life in Rome, but was in England in 1830. performing tableaux vaivants after the old masters before the royal family at Brighton, and in 1832 advertised that his portrait of the Queen in her coronation robes was on view at the Pantechnicon (Morning Post 25.10.1830, 25.11.1830. 18.6.1832)