Frizel 25.7.1800 at Hamilton's (in Ireland) / 4.8.1800 meet Frizel (on Godwin's way to from Dublin to Carlow)

Work notes: 
Charles Frizell sub to Reports of Cases (in Irish courts) 1798, Charles Fraser Frizell, MRIA sub to Samuel Whyte 1795. C F Frizell, Beaufort Villa. nr Rathfarnham = Nov 1803 dau of late Geo Sedwith of Sedwithstown, co. Longford. Charles Frizell, Castle Kevin co. Wicklow = Oct 1792 Mary dau of Benjamin Ball at Season Park, co. Wicklow / Loftus Frizell sub to Bolingbroke 1793,. Henry Loftus Friizell = dau of Counsellor Lennon in Harcourt St, Dublin / Richard Frizell 60th foot = May 1791 Elinor dau of Dr Biston RN (Irish marriages)