Galway, Viscount

14.10.1795 Galway adv at Montagu's In Godwin's 1796 list, crossed out, and wrongly transcribed in GD website as Godwin
Robert Monckton Arundell,4th Viscount Galway born 4.7.1752 married 1.3.1779 Elizabeth Mathew d.18012ndly 24.5.1803 Bridget (neeMilnes) (History of Parliament) MP for York 1783-90 joined Whig Club 12.11.1788, 1792 "drunk in Den Haag, lives in streets,quarrels with lower people, pulled a Jew by the beard, want of money".1794 his uncle Edward Monckton said he "drinks no more than half a pint of wine a day"