see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset
Elizabeth Gambarini 9 Poland St ratebooks 1774 / Elizabeth dau of Caroli Gambarini nobili Lucensis & Joanna Stradiotti nobili Dalmati bapt 1.11.1730 St Marylebone / see Highfill, Burnim & Langhans under De Gambarini / 1748 Lessons on the Harpsichord by Elizabeth Gambarini published with a portrait of her painted and engraved by Nathaniel Hone, in her benefit that year she sang and played her own composition on the organ. Benefits in 1752, 1760 and sale of her late father's pictures 1762 / Elizabeth Gambarini of Strand dau of late Charles Gambarini librarian, antiquarian and counsellor to late Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel, with a genteel fortune and every other qualification requisite to render the marriage state happy = St Martins i t F 20.3.1764 Stephen Chazal Esq, Master of Horse to Count de Guerchy / Nat Arch SP 78/262/49 to 52 (28.6.1764) Chazell's threats to Mrs Gambarini / Mrs Chazal died 9.2.1765 / Charles Gambarini's collection of pictures auctioned off by Christie's 1770 / Giovanna Paula Stradiotti Gambarini widow of Poland Street will PCC 1775 grand dau Giovanna Giorgiana Chazal / Daily Adveriser 20.9.1774 the furniture of several houses which Mrs Gambarini usually let to persons of quality for sale at her late dwelling-house corner of Portland Street in Poland Street