Gay, Nicholas

Gay of Duke St, St James proposed Society for Constitutional Information 15.3.1793 by John Horne Tooke 2nded John Augustus Bonney
Nicholas Gay son of John Gay (perhaps of Trinity College Dublin 1725 age 18 born Leixlip, co Kildare son of Thomas Gay, gent). John Gay died about 1773 in debt. Nicholas Gay's uncle was John Garnett DNB 1707/8-1782 (will PCC 1783 John Garnet). A Nicholas Gay was Lt 10th foot (Ireland) 1757 and commander of the Fartullach Rangers 1779, subscribed to Swift's Works 1762 and to Fenelon's 1769, wrote Letter to W Tighe Esq on Absentees published Dublin 1781, listed as steward for Friends to Liberty of the Press 13.3.1793. General Evening Post 20.11.1794 report of Tooke's treason trial, Tooke made fun of prosecution for confusing Nicholas Gay (now in Russia) with Richard Gay of Hopkins St, St James drug and perfume grinder in Kings Bench prison and a member of London Corresponding Society (see crown witness list Morning Post 16.10.1794). Nicholas Gay became a Fellow of the Royal Society 1798 and wrote Strictures on the Union (of Britain and Ireland) published 1799 supporting the union and distancing himself from Charles James Fox and the opposition. In the preface he mentioned his extensive travels in Europe (as far as Russia, Turkey and Africa) for eight years (so his presence in London 1793 must have been a gap in them). He later lived in Chichester, was in Dublin when he wrote his will 12.2.1802 mostly to sister Mrs Letitia Gay spinster, also mentioned Sir Capel Molyneux Baronet, his servant Victor Destaffinis, his nephew Rev John Gay Fitzgerald,  proved 5.5.1804. He died at Margate 20.9.1803, obituary Morning Post 23.9.1803, buried Margate St John 25.9.1803