Gerrald, Joseph

11.5.1795 Gerald's com(e), Mackintosh, Maxwell, Fergusson, Perry & Ht / 20.5.1795 Gerald's com(e), Maxwell, Perry & Ht.
Committee to help Joseph Gerrald DNB 1763-1796 when he was being removed to Portsmouth ready for transportation to New South Wales
Amendments to Oxford DNB
CURRENT TEXT "companionship of his young daughter and friends."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <companionship of his friends, and of his infant daughter, who was probably Frances, born 6 August 1791 and baptised at St Marylebone 2 February 1792, daughter of Joseph Gerrald and Frances, who was looked after in 1799 by *Eliza Fenwick* and in 1806 by a Miss Marner.>
NOTES Wedd, Fate of the Fenwicks, p4 (letter to Mary Hays 28.1.1799), William Godwin's diary 12.6.1794, 20.7.1799, 5.1.1800, 27.6.1806, see the entry for Gerrald, Frances in this website