Godwin, Nathaniel.

"probably an older brother of Godwin's" change to "Godwin's youngest brother".
6.8.1827 event tag. "possibly N G's son begins school" change to "Nathaniel Godwin age 60, publican, entered as a pensioner (or Poor Brother) of Charterhouse (London Met Arch ACC/1876/PS/02/053 and ACC/1876/PS/03/024) and died 1.2.1846 aged 79. The position was in the gift of the King (then George IV) and may have been secured by Godwin's contacts with Lord Dillon (a literary 'fashionable') in the preceding months."
from Ann Godwin's letter of 1792 (Abinger c.1 f102-3) it appears Nathaniel Godwin had been many years in the service of Mr Hurry, and was by then on another ship. From Godwin's letter (Abinger c.17 f12-13) it appears that their brother Conyers, who died in 1785, had been in the service of a Captain Hurry. The Hurrys were Yarmouth merchants. From Ann Godwin's letter of 1788 (Abinger c.1 f78) it appears N G had been hiding from a press gang. The diary 20.11.1793 has "N for Norfk". In 1799 Ann Godwin wrote "Natty is entered on ye 5th year at Muntons" (Abinger c.4 f96-7). In 1797 she wrote "post for me at Mr Munton's shopkeeper Foulsham" (Abinger c.3 f64-5). He returned briefly to London in November 1803. In Ann Godwin's letter of May 1805 (Abinger c.9 f2) she wrote "Natty began shop and met with some encouragement" and in July 1805 (Abinger c.9 f26) she wrote "Natty unsuccessful in his business must seek a journeyman's place again". On 4.9.1805 Godwin saw him at Dalling but by 8.11.1805 he was in London again. In Holden's directory for 1811 were J and N Godwin, carpet warehouse, St Martins le Grand. In 1827 he entered as a pensioner of Charterhouse "age 60, publican" and thereafter he visited Godwin very regularly about once a month and Godwin never called on him.