Gotzenberger, Jakob

HCR diary 2.2.1827 "Gotzenberger the young painter from Germany called on me and I accompanied him to Blake - We looked over Blake's Dante. Gotzenberger seemed highly gratified by the designs and Mrs Aders says G: considers B: as the first and Flaxman as the second man he has seen in England. The conversation was slight - I was interpreter between them and nothing remarkable was said by Blake - he was interested apparently by Gotzenberger"
                  10.2.1827 called on Mrs Aders "Gotzenberger had left them"
letter 5.9.1830 Mrs Aders in London to HCR in Italy "by the way of Gotzenberger as I cannot speak well of him, I would if possible avoid speaking of him at all, only as a friend it is my duty to say do not let him impose upon you too far, with respect to money matters, whatever you think proper to give is very well, but do not lend, indeed from his property you could not expect it returned - he has great talent and deserves encouragement in that - perhaps it may be as well (being your friend as I am) - to warn you not to introduce him where there are young & lively or pretty daughters - this is entre nous, but he has long been known as a regular fortune hunter that way, & thinks his pretty face irresistible & is consequently very dangerous in such families"
HCR diary 27.12.1831 "at the Aders - Mrs A: very bitter indeed against Gotzenberger"
                     7.10.1832 letter from Sir Thomas Lawrence (DNB 1769-1830) to T: Fred: Lewis at Mrs Aders "I sincerely rejoice at your good fortune in securing the kind hospitality of Mr & Mrs Aders and in having for your present companion Mr Gotzenberger of whose genius I have a most sincere admiration - The compositions that I saw of his pencil were in the purest taste yet with equal originality and power"
                     9.12.1832 Mrs Aders "had spoken to Gotzenberger about my drawings - from whom by the bye I had a letter of apology lately. The drawing lies in the state in which it was nearly two years ago - He promises me fair but Mrs A: thinks it still doubtful whether I shall ever have it"
                    22.2.1838  Robinson asked Benecke "to send direction to Mrs B to pay Gotzenberger back his money and take the drawing he has now completed and I will write to both"
                    12.3.1846 Mrs Aders "in her letter gives an account of Gotzenberger's having introduced his wife to her and being desirous of returning her kindness to him long ago. This I am sincerely glad of. It retrieves much in him that I have been offended by"
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