Gunn, Misses

HCR diary 5.11.1824 "Mrs Aders, Ellen, Miss Denman and the Miss Gunns called on me - Not a little worried by such a visit I accompanied them to the Royal Academy Somerset House"
                    8.11.1824 party at Aders "The Flaxmans with the Miss Gunns and old Stothard"
                    20.5.1828 "The Rev Mr Gunn and his son breakfasted with me"
                    11.7.1836  blue stocking party at Mrs Aders "the Miss Denmans & Miss Gunn etc"
The daughters of William Gunn (DNB 1750-1841) who married Ann Mack (1768-1828) at Smallburgh, Norfolk on 11.2.1789. Probably much more on them in Flaxman correspondence (British Library Add Ms 38780-39792 not seen). Marianne bapt 20.1.1791 Irstead Norfolk buried 12.5.1860 Irstead, in 1851 census unmarried / Eliza bapt 19.3.1793 Irstead, Essex Standard 23.12.1836 J F Congreve Esq of Stoney Stratford, Bucks married Eliza, second daughter of William Gunn (she was Congreve's 4th wife) / Charlotte bapt 26.5.1796 Smallburgh, Norfolk, married 20.10.1828 at Norwich to John Pritchard surgeon,  Ipswich Journal 15.4.1865 Charlotte relict of John Pritchard Esq of Great Yarmouth and daughter of Rev Wm Gunn died 11.4.1865 Ipswich / Catherine born 3.3.1809 bapt 4.3.1809 Smallburgh, Norfolk, 1841 census Stony Stratford John Congreve attorney age 56 Eliza Congreve age 45, John Pritchard surgeon age 40, Charlotte Pritchard age 40, Catherine Gunn age 30 / two other daughters were baptised, Harriet 15.4.1799 Irstead, Caroline born 24.8.1799 bapt 9.9.1800 Barton Turf and 24.10.1800 Irstead buried 15.1.1801 Barton Turf, found no burial for Harriet but no later record of her. For the son John see William Gunn's DNB article