Halcomb, John

HCR diary 9.5.1838 called on Aders "He tells me that Halcomb the Dover candidate has taken up the cause of Mrs Leigh"
                   8.7.1838 "I hear from the Aders that Mrs Ley has returned to her old house where she means to open a school -she has a friend in Halcomb the barrister!!!"
John Halcomb (DNB 1792-1852). Ellen Ley (1804-1867) was the daughter of Mrs Aders and the widow of Hugh Ley (DNB 1790-1837). Halcomb's interest probably didn't last very long and she was soon in trouble again (HCR diary 7.1.1840). See my background article 3 Wives 3 Husbands Living