Hamond, Elton

HCR diary 1.1.1820 tea at Aders "I was glad to be withdrawn for a time from the melancholy subject"
                 23.5.1820 Hamond's view of Crabb Robinson "kindhearted, gay, ingenious, animated, well read man with a good taste in morals & poetry but he is as far from being an interesting man as Joe Rolley who was called so by Pollock. His manners are too coarse - he has too little ambition, too much vanity & garrulity"
Elton Hamond (1784-1820) shot himself at midnight as the new year 1820 began, and made Crabb Robinson his executor, hence Robinson got to read his papers and realised Hamond was crazy, but was still interested to see how Hamond saw him. See Anna Laetitia Barbauld by McCarthy p 452