Hannam, William

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11.8.1810 Guildhall; Tabart, Hannam &c / 20.8.1810 Examination of sir R(ichard) P(hillips); adv. Hannam &c / 21.8.1810 Guildhall; Tabart, Hannam &c / 9.10.1810 Baptist's Head; Tabart, Hannam &c / 12.10.1810 call on Hannam (not seen) / 5.2.1811 theatre; adv. Hannam / 1.6.1811 Hannam's clerk calls
William Hannam solicitor & general agent, for the West India islands, & actuary to the masonic society, Piazza Chambers, Covent-gdn (Holdens directory 1811) was the attorney dealing with Benjamin Tabart's bankruptcy. From the same attendees we can deduce that the examination of Sir Richard Phillips was part of Tabart's bankruptcy proceedings