Harwood, William Tooke

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Tooke Harwood proposed member 13.5.1791 by John Horne Tooke 2nded John Lodge Batley
GODWIN DIARY from 24.3.1793. add 14.7.1796, 16.7.1796, 18.7.1796 H, (delete 1.3.1827, 16.12.1830 now done in GD website)
Baptised at St Peter Mancroft Norwich on 19.10.1757 born 4.9.1757 son of Thomas Harwood and Elizabeth (nee Tooke). His mother was buried at Norwich on 27.4.1797 which was mentioned in Ann Godwin's letter of 3.5.1797 (Abinger c.3 f64-5). See Holcroft, Anne for his marriage. His will PCC 1824 Tooke Harwood Colonel of 19th regt Light Dragoons of Thompson, Norfolk mentioned his reputed daughter Mary Elizabeth wife of Charles Phillips surgeon of Camden Town, (they married on 18.9.1813 at St Marylebone). In 1803 Harwood was involved in a court case where Sir Jacob Astley sued him for defamation of character, and in a legal dispute with John Horne Tooke over the will of Harwood's uncle William Tooke who died in 1802 (Nat Arch C 13/41/19 & C 13/55/13). In the Examiner of 8.1.1815 it appeared that Harwood was involved in attending Joanna Southcott. (Two dates after his death were wrongly coded to him in GD website now corrected, 1.3.1827 which may have been his widow Ann or possibly Harwood Holcroft, and 16.12.1830 which from context seems to have been Harwood Holcroft). "E & M Harwood" on 13.10.1802, "miss Harwood" on 15.5.1803 and on 24.5.1809, and "E Harwood" on 15.10.1812 may have referred to his illegitimate daughter Elizabeth (see Holcroft, Anne). 14.7.1796 call on Harwod / 16.7.1796 sup at Tooke Harwodd's / 18.7.1796 Weybourn camp with H & Vickery / were clearly also Colonel Harwood though uncoded in GD website. For mrs Harwood see Holcroft, Anne