mrs Hawthorn 15.11.1804 at H Rowan's / 28.1.1805 Hawthorns at H Rowan's / 30.1.1805 again / 10.7.1805 meet Hawthorns / 4.3.1806 Hawthorns at Rowan's / 11.3.1806 meet Hawthorn / 23.5.1806 Hawthorns at S Beresford's / 10.12.1806 theatre with Hawthorn / 31.1.1807 Hawthorns call / 4.2.1807 dine at Hawthorn's / 16.2.1807 Hawthorns call / 29.5.1807 M Hawthorn dines / 21.9.1807 call on mrs Hawthorn with M(ary) J(ane) / 2.1.1808 Hawthorns call / 7.1.1808 dine at Hawthorn's / 1.2.1808 Hawthorn calls / 4.2.1808 dine at Hawthorn / 29.5.1808 Hawthorn calls
As friends of Hamilton Rowan these Hawthorns may have been of the family of Steele Hawthorne of Downpatrick, the first name Steele was passed down through at least three generations, they had lived at Killinchy south of Downpatrick on Strangford Lough and 5 mies north of  Killyleagh where the Hamiltons (later Rowans) lived. Charles Stewart Hawthorne Hist of Parl c1760 - post 1831 was the 3rd son of Steel Hawthorne of Downpatrick and was MP for Downpatrick 1802 to 1806, supporting Pitt then Addington then Grenville, when each was in power, though sympathetic to Catholic claims.  He married Miss Caddle of Downpatrick in 1791. His nephew Steele Hawthorne 1789-1853 became a Cadet in the Indian army in 1803 and arrived in India 17.3.1805.  Robert son of Steel Hawthorn & Margaret was bapt Downpatrick 1792, James son of Steel Hawthorn & Mary Little was bapt Downpatrick 1794, Margaret dau of Steel & Mary was bapt there 1795 and Charles Stewart son of Steel & Mary 1797. These were probably brothers and sisters of the Steel Hawthorn who went to India, and their parents could have been the Hawthorns at Rowan's. A letter to Godwin from his wife in June 1806 whiie she was staying at Charlotte Smith's in Sussex (Bodleian Abinger c9 f114) mentioned Mr Hawthorn as someone she could send letters via, and in a letter of 5.6.1806 from Godwin to his wife (Bodleian Abinger c42 f23) he said Mr Hawthorn had paid 2 shillings for his wife's letter (in those days receivers paid postage)..
Mr Richard Hawthorn, 13 Gt Chapel St Soho (Holdens 1805) / Hawthorn & Ogilvie merchants 8 London St Fenchurch St 1819 / Matthew Hawthorn painter 7 Chapel Pl Oxford St (Sun Fire 1817), Edward Hawthorn painter to His Majesty, 26 Curzon St Mayfair (Holdens 1811) his will PCC 1819 / Alexander Hawthorn taylor of St John Southwark marriage license 1778 Martha Stevens, tailor & draper 21 Clements Lane Cannon St (Holdens 1811) his will PCC 1814 / Alexander Hawthorn Esq 81 Gower St (Holdens 1811) bur St Giles i t Fields 21.2.1822 age 74 /  William Hawthorn linen merchant 6 Lurgan St Dublin (Holdens 1805) / Carter & Hawthorn hardware merchants, Pill Lane Dublin (Holdens 1811)