1.3.1807 dine at King's w. mrs Hippisley / 3.3.1807 evening mrs Hippisley's, w. King &c / 8.3.1807 dine at Plunket's, w. King, mrs Hippisley &c / 1.4.1807 call on Hippisley; adv. Macarthy / 2.8.1823 Augusts Hippisley calls / 22.1.1825 miss Hippisley calls / 18.3.1825 again / 8.6.1826 Hippisley calls / 22.8.1826 again / 23.8.1826 meet Hippisley / 30.10.1826 miss Hippisley calls / 11.1.1827 miss Hippisley adv. at dinner / 4.6.1828 meet Hippisley / 29.9.1828 meet mrs Hippisley / 24.11.1828 write to mrs Hippisley / 3.7.1829 meet Hippisley
Most of those at King's, mrs Hippisley's and Plunket's in March 1807 were Irish. Along with the name Augustus in 1823 this makes a good identification of the family below
Gustavus Mathias Hippisley born 13.1.1767 bapt 24.2.1767 St Dunstan i t West of Robert & Anne (Robert's will PCC 1787 Robert Hippisley Trenchard, Ann's will PCC 1803). World 17.12.1789 at Tarbert church, Ireland Gustavus Hippisley esq of 9th dragoons to miss Fitzgerald (Ellen 3rd dau of Thomas Fitzgerald, Knight of Glyn). Their children Gustavus Alexander Butler born 1793, (at Mr Simpson's boarding school, Kensham with a brother Robert or Richard 1803, with his father to Venezuela 1817 Capt 1st regt Venezuelan Lancers, married 1828 Paris, 1852 Lambeth, died 1860) / Charles James born 1799 at Cape of Good Hope, married 1826 Eliza Temple Wills, Royal Navy, died 1870) / Augustus John born 1802 (married 1846 Mary Elizabeth Edwards, 1850 Capt retired from Portuguese service, debtors prison 1862, died 1872) / Ellen Georgiana / Jane Augusta born 1809? (bapt 1824 St Geo Bloomsbury married 1834 William John Richardson died 1900). Gustavus M Hippisley and his wife Ellen were both in debtors' prison in the winter of 1807/8. Gustavus raised a regiment to fight the Spanish in Venezuela 1817 see Morn Chron 28.3.1818. His Narrative of the Expedition to the Rivers Orinoco &c was published by John Murray in 1819. He fathered two children by an Anna Maria; William Theodore born 11.12.1817 bapt Greenwich 5.1.1818 (of Park-place Colonel of Hussars) and Elizabeth Gustavia bapt Mortlake 26.7.1820. The Hippisleys were involved in a Chancery suit from 1817 to 1834 (Nat Arch C 13/210/9 & C 13/336/31 not seen). Gustavus Hippisley colonel was admitted to a masonic lodge in Guernsey 9.3.1829. He was dead by 1834 but I found no record of his death. His widow was probably the Ellen Hippisley who died 1841 St Pancras