Hogan, Thomas Cockerell

The GD website has Hogan as an Idenified Person but knows almost nothing about him.The mentions of Hogan in Godwin's diary were approx 200 from 16.3.1812 to 12.2.1816, most of these were Hogan calling on Godwin, and taking tea and supper with him. 24.8.1814 was the last time Hogan came to Godwin, after which Godwin wrote to him a few times, called on him once, and heard from him via others (mostly Charles Clairmont). While Hogan was coming regularly to Godwin's, Godwin only called on him a few times and wrote to him a few times. Near the start of their acquaintance Godwin invited him a few times to his dinner or supper parties, with the Colliers (26.4.1812), the Taylors (13.7.1812 and 21.7.1812) and the Humes (22.10.1812), but Godwin never recorded dining or taking tea or supper at Hogan's, or with him elsewhere. The entries below helped me identify Hogan.
24.6.1812 Hogan & R M at tea / 2.10.1812 Hogan & fils call / 10.10.1812 Hogan calls, E Morel sleeps / 14.10.1812 adv. Hogan (stewardship & Rosa M) / 29.12.1812 Hogan & R M at tea / 2.1.1813 Hogan & R M sup / 23.6.1813 adv. Hogan & R Morell / 26.6.1813 Hogan & R M sup / 5.1.1814 Hogan & R Morrel at tea / 28.3.1814 Hogan, M & R Morrel dine / 23.7.1814 Hogan calls n : R Morrel dines / 26.7.1814 Rt Morrel dines ; adv. Hogan
Thomas Cockreel Hogan, son of Thomas Hogan Esq of Ireland, Capt in Bengal Establishmant in India bapt privately at Calcutta Dec 1784 by Rev Mr Pemberton chaplain to Fort William garrison then about 3½ years old, received at Brodsworth, Yorkshire 16.7.1785 / India Gazette 22.2.1790 6th batallion of Native Infantry commanded by Capt Thomas Hogan / (Hodson, List of Officers of the Bengal Army) Thomas Hogan cadet 1769, Captain since 22.11.1780, Aide de Camp to Warren Hastings, died Buxar 20.3.1793, Robert Morrell (1767/8-1830) = Calcutta 10.8.1801 Frances sister of Thomas Cockerell Hogan, she died Calcutta 1.7.1859 age 76, John Stewart Schnell (1780-1817) = Calcutta 19.9.1801 Eliza Sophia Hogan who died Kensington 22.6.1856 age 75, in 1851 census at Hammersmith she was born India 1782 / children of Robert & Fanny Morrell, Robert born 6.10.1802, Eliza born 22.10.1804, both bapt 22.11.1805 Sarajepoor, Bengal, Thomas Palmer born 25.9.1806 bapt 25.3.1808 Agra, Bengal
Not long after vanishing from Godwin's diary, Thomas Cockerell Hogan married Alice (bapt 14.12.1798 Rochester St Margaret), dau of Captain Richard Reynolds RN. Their children Fanny born 15.10.1817 at Maidstone, Clementina Elizabeth born 16.8.1821, Eliza Sarah born 21.10.1823, Mary born 31.8.1826 and Thomas Morrell born 16.11.1831 all at Black Fryars Road, were baptised together on 18.12.1831 at the Swedenborgian Church of New Jerusalem, when their father was described as a hatter. Morning Post 15.6.1827 "The lightest silk hats hitherto made...Inventor, T.C. Hogan, at No. 3, Warwick Row, Blackfriars-road" see also ads in Morning Post 8.11.1832 and 23.3.1833. Thomas Cockerell Hogan was buried Holborn St Andrew 7.12.1836 age 54 from Castle Street. His widow Alice married at St Pancras 6.9.1838 John Isaac Hawkins (1772-1855 Boase, Modern English Biography) another Swedenborgian inventor, but died the next year. Her daughter Clementina Hogan was buried Holborn 3.5.1838 age 16 from Kentish Town, Eliza Sophia Hawkins was buried Holborn 5.7.1839 age 39 from Kentish Town, her daughter Fanny Hogan was buried Holborn 30.12.1840 age 24 from Marylebone. Her three surviving children Eliza age 15, Mary age 14 and Thomas age 9 were recorded in the 1841 census at Little Ealing living with Henry Grimes of the Indian Army. Mary Hogan married 29.7.1843 Capt Joseph Corfield of the 1st regt Native Infantry (Morning Post 10.10.1843) and Thomas Morrell Hogan died Calcutta 20.11.1845 and was buried Holborn 10.1.1846 age 14 from Judd Place
I haven't discovered who Rosa M was, the R M with Hogan may have been Robert Morrell or Rosa M. "R M" and "Morrel" only appeared in Godwin's diary with Hogan. Robert Morrell married at Berhampore, Bengal 16.3.1826 Eliza Mary Stacy, his will PCC 1844 Calcutta named among other children a Thomas Hogan Morrell and a Henry Grimes Morrell. His sister Eliza (probably the "E Morel sleeps" of 10.10.1812) married at Berhampore, Bengal  25.4.1822 George Evans. I haven't found the marriage register of Thomas Cockerell Hogan and Alice Reynolds to check whether Hogan was a bachelor or widower, and I found nothing about his son ("fils" 2.10.1812) unless Godwin thought his nephew Robert was his son. Just before Hogan's last visit to Godwin, "write to Pemberton" appeared thrice in Godwin's diary on 11.8.1814, 12.8.1814 and 24.8.1814, and no other Pemberton appeared in the diary until 1834. This was perhaps the Rev Pemberton who had baptised Hogan in 1784
CRABB ROBINSON DIARY 8.9.1812 "The other day I saw Hamond. We met Mr Hogan in the street. Hamond recounted to me that one day he met him by accident at Godwin's, that Hamond had asked Godwin's opinion about putting the boy into one of the Lancaster schools. Godwin had no further acquaintance with him when he wrote to him to borrow £500 which Hamond lent him without security. Hamond very amiably called this 'imagination' in Godwin. 'He leaves' said Hamond, 'quite out of the case [that] when he borrowed money of me he had hardly seen me. Place came to me and said Godwin assured him he knew I should let him have the money'." (taken from Morley's Books and their Writers). This doesn't quite make sense (the original was in shorthand), perhaps Robinson (or Morley) put a Hamond for a Hogan, and which is the "him" Godwin had no further acquaintance with? Was "the boy" Robert Morrell? According to Godwin's diary he first met Hamond on 26.1.1812, and saw him 8 more times before on 20.3.1812 he noted "Hamond & Hogan at tea". which was the second time Godwin had met Hogan. Godwin had seen Hamond 10 more times and Hogan 17 times before on 13.7.1812 he noted "Hogan & Hamond call" (not necessarily at the same time) and then on 21.7.1812 he noted "Hamond, Voisey & Hogan at tea". 6.6.1812 was the first time Godwin noted writing to Hogan, by which time he'd met him 14 times. Robinson would have met Hogan at dinner at Godwin's on 26.4.1812 which he recorded as "Dined with Godwin, the Colliers, Kennys, there." not mentioning Hogan, nor did Robinson mention Hogan on several other occasions when they probably met, to judge from Godwin's dairy (12.3.1813, 31.1.1814, 11.3.1814). The Journals of Mary Shelley 8.11.1814 "Shelley has met Clairmont who gives him news about Hogan" 21.4.1815 "Fanny comes and gives us an account of Hogan's threatened arrest to my father". Jones, Letters of P B Shelley vol I p 435 (19.10.1815) Shelley to Hayward, Godwin's attorney shows Hogan's suit ongoing /  vol I p 441 (18.1.1816) Shelley to Godwin consents to sell an annuity to cover Hogan's demand, Godwin to pay the interest / vol II p 227, 233-4 show Godwin had not paid all interest due up to 1820