HCR diary 3.3.1819 "I also called on Aders & Mr Howell for a few minutes"
                  26.5.1823 "returned to Chambers after a call on Mr Howell"
                25.11.1823 "Mrs John Howell's - Mr Howell who came afterwards asserted my pulse was low"
                10.12.1824 "called at Howell to speak to Mr Rotheram"
                  13.6.1825 "to Mr Howell's - the Pattisons were all there and the rest of the family" "evening at Mrs Thornthwaite's - heard all the Witham news - Ich glaube man wird Howell noch halten"
                    4.5.1826 "Pattison & Will Pattison came to me - I heard with regret that Mr Jos Howell a very worthy man, is obliged to break" "Mrs Thornthwaite does not lose her little property - Pattison has taken care to secure it for her"
                  23.2.1827 Robinson caaled at Mr Howell's for only second time since his failure "a chat with Miss Howell"
                  20.5.1827 Robinson enquired at Mr Howell's about Mrs Pattison
                  5.11.1828 Pattison - death of uncle Howell
Thomas Thornthwaite = St Vedast Foster Lane 25.5.1775 Elizabeth Howell. He was a tailor of Paternoster Row and went bankrupt 1789, his will PCC 1808, he was buried at Bunhill Fields 29.4.1808 age 56 from Islington. Their children were Sarah who married Thomas Blood of Plaistow, Elizabeth, Hannah who married in 1800 Crabb Robinson's good friend William Henry Ebenezer Pattison and died 1828, and Joseph who had died before 1808. Elizabeth Howell had 4 sisters (Lora, Ann, Harriet and Emily) and 3 brothers (John, Joseph and Nathaniel). I haven't found their baptisms or their parents' wills but the parents were probably John Howell of Cross St Islington who was buried at Bunhill Fields 29.5.1802 age 74 from Cross St Islington and Elizabeth Howell who was buried at Bunhill Fields 30.10.1794 age 70 from Cross St Islington. Of the sisters Ann was buried at Bunhill Fields 17.11.1824 age 59 from Islington (her will London Consistory Court dated 1809) and Lora was buried at Bunhill Fields 27.9.1826 age 66 from Islington, the Miss Howell of 23.2.1827 above may have ben Harriet or Emily. Of the brothers Nathaniel was buried at Bunhill Fields 7.3.1806 age 42 from Swallow St, and Joseph was buried at Bunhill Fields 23.8.1828 age 71 from Upper Terrace, Islington. Joseph was a hosier of Newgate St, and he never appeared in the bankruptcy lists, though his partnership with William Caesar was dissolved (London Gazette 27.6.1826). Joseph Howell was a common concilman for Farringdon Within and a member of the Ironmongers Company who put an unsuccessful motion for that company to send £100 to the Spanish republicans being invaded by the French (Morning Chronicle 1.9.1823). I haven't identified the John Howell of 1823 above, who may or may not have been the John brother of Joseph Howell, whose fate I haven't traced, though his comment on Robinson's pulse suggests he may have been a surgeon or apothecary.. But Sun 24.10.1794 announced the death at Islington of Mrs Howell wife of Mr John Howell of Newgate St