Jackson, George

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION George Jackson Esq of Bath proposed member 5.7.1782 by James Martin 2nded Edward Bridgen
I haven't satisfactorily identified this person but he may have been George Duckett (formerly Jackson) (DNB 1725-1822), though his politics both before (as a government official) and after (as a Member of Parliament) was to support the ministries of North and Pitt, he had been dismissed from his post as secretary to the Admiralty by Augustus Keppel on 12.6.1782 and this may have induced him to take a temporary interest in the SCI.
There were other George Jacksons around, but none seem particularly likely. Perhaps George Jackson admitted Middle Temple 1778 2nd son of John Jackson late of Glanbeg, Waterford Esq deceased. Please comment if you have any clues, or email me (see About This Site)