James, Miss

HCR diary 26.10.1823 small party at Aders "a Miss James with Mrs Clarke"
letter 10.1.1830 Mrs Aders in London to HCR in Italy "Sir T Lawrence is no more - he died (I think the servant said) on Thursday night at 9 o'clock, I went there yesterday with my friend Miss James, and could not resist the servant's offer to see his remains"
Matilda Hill Clarke (QV*) her will PCC 1835 mentioned her friend Elizabeth Mary James spinster "now living with me" (1831). The friend of Mrs Aders in the letter of 1830 may or may not be the same person. An Elizabeth Mary James translated works of Madame Sillery from the French, published 1795, she was referred to by a reviewer as Mrs James. There were three unmarried sisters of the surname James, the eldest was Elizabeth Mary born about 1775 in Bath, the second Emily born about 1782 in Batheaston, and the third Susan Deane born about 1788 in Bath, daughter of Thomas & Susannah James. Thomas James died in 1788 and his will PCC 1788 banker of Bath mentioned his youngest daughter as she was not born when her grandfather made his will. The sisters were living together at Mortlake in the 1851 census and later at 3 Pembroke Villas Richmond where the two eldest were still living in the 1861 census. It seems more likely they had lived together all their lives, but perhaps they had positions as governesses or companions in which case the eldest might have been the friend of Mrs Clarke.