10.2.1795 James at King's / 28.6.1801 James at Tooke's. In 1796 list for 1801 Capt James / 15.9.1802 Godwin calls on James at Newbury / 27.2.1803 at Tooke's / 17.2.1805 again / 12.10.1806 major James at Tooke's / 17.11.1806 meet / 26.4.1808 adv at Philips / 23.8.1809 again.
The first entry at Tooke's and all later entries at Tooke's and at Philips' were probably Charles James DNB d.1821. He was buried at St Mary Paddington 23.4.1821 age 63. He was admitted Lincolns Inn 1780 son of John James merchant of Bruges, Flanders. His will PCC 1821 mentioned that Lord Moira owed debts to him when he died. He gave his wife's name as Judith so she may have been the Judith Appleton spinster who married Charles James bachelor at St Marylebone 22.10.1818. James would have been 60 years old. His widow Judith married James Ashley at St George Hanover Sq on 9.6.1821, less than seven weeks after major James' funeral
The entry at Newbury in 1802 was probably either Rev David James died 1822 at Newbury in his 85th year whose Short View 1778 is a brief summary of the isms of theology and whose Compendious View was printed for Joseph Johnson 1804, or his son Manasseh born Newbury 1771 his will PCC 1855 teacher of mathematics
miss James 22.10.1793 at Reveley's. Perhaps relative of Maria Reveley whose father was a merchant called John James will PCC 1829. There were also 6 miss James entries in 1833-1835

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Pinkstan James MD, Royal Navy 1776-1830 in George Payne Rainsford James DNB 1801-1860 novelist / Bartholomew James DNB 1752-1828 naval officer