Jameson. William

HCR diary 30.10.1816 "I called at Jameson's Counting House where I was glad to see Mr Aders who has been exceedingly ill - he was indeed despaired of & has still the marks of his dangerous illness"
                      5.11.1816 call on Aders discussion re: Jameson & Aldebert
                        3.8.1818 called on and saw Jameson and Aders
                   29.11.1820 Jameson at Aders
                   12.12.1821 at Aders "the Jamesons were there, but no other lady beyond the Miss Jamesons & Miss Kingsbury"
                     8.12.1824 Jameson at Aders
                   27.11.1826 "called at Aders and Jameson's"
                     19.6.1828 dined with Jameson at Hackney - Kent and his son Wm, Miss Stansfeld, Becher, dau of Mrs Davy, dau of late Mrs Darvel
                       2.3.1829 Jameson's intended sons in law Hankin & Meyer
                     13.6.1832 dinner of Society for Relieving Foreigners in Distress "I sat with Aders and young Jameson"
                     12.7.1832 "Mrs Aders "spoke out about Jameson in a manner that did not surprise me. She described him as all meanness if not dishonesty but I fear also that their affairs are not good. She says that they have had great losses so that the selling of the pictures is a great object with them, and intimated they could live on £200 a year. Though she would rather Mr Aders should be a clerk abroad with £100 a year than remain with Jameson""
                     15.7.1832 "Mr Aders wants me to assist him in protecting them from creditors against Jameson. I am very much afraid that Aders is a ruined man"
                     16.7.1832 chat with Aders "I informed him that his pictures could not be seized by Jameson without a judgement, and that he would have to make a disposition of them"
                     19.7.1832 "I drew up a letter such as I thought Aders might send to Jameson. After this I made a call on Aders and found him much better in health than he has been. I do not think however that the letter I have written is what he will approve of""
                     21.9.1832 "walked with Jameson No news about the Aders - they are in France"
                   26.11.1832 "At Jameson's I called - heard a favourable account of the Aders"
                   31.12.1832 "found a letter from Mrs Aders requiring my immediate attention. Went and drew up a Mem: of Agreement for the immediate dissolution of Partnership between him and Jameson. Matters are now come to a close and I am anxious about the result"
                        3.1.1833 "went into the City - I warned Aders against the danger of arrest, but he assured me and this was confirmed by Jameson that a pledge was given by" (Lovenhagen's) "attorney Parnther to Upton, Aders' attorney that there should be no arrest and he said further an assignment was to be executed. This satisfied me"
                        4.1.1833 (Aders now under arrest) "broken in upon by Jameson and his attorney (Upton) - They wished me to accompany them to Loevenhagen which I did"  "It is evident that L: has lost all confidence in A: - Jameson also"
                        5.1.1833 at Aders' in lock-up house, Upton "made a proposal that A: should give J: a legal note for the balance due and rely on his honour - He further proposed that J: should insure his life for £500. But this would cost £200 per ann and I remonstrated on the impossibility of feeling any certainty of having the power to pay the premium and I wrote a note to J:  which U: took with him and seemed to approve of. In this note I proposed that A:  should only give a conditional engagement to pay when he had the means. This I now think was doing too much - After-wards I walked into the City with U: and I told him in confidence of the £10 per cent taken by Jameson. U: was astonished at this and asked leave to mention this to J: - he seemed to think that this entirely changed the nature of J's demand"
                        6.1.1833 at Aders' in lock up house "I found Lemme - I was pleased by the cordial manners of L: towards A: and that A: had made up his mind to carry into effect the agreement with Loevenhagen and jameson. L: I found thought that I had offered too much and that A's engagement should be only honorary. A: did not disapprove of my having told of the 10 per cent to Upton"
                        7.1.1833 at Aders with Upton & Lemme "It was agreed that J's debt should be reduced from £5000 to £3000 and that A: should sign a Deed of Covenant to pay this whenever he could. An insurance may be made by J: but he is to pay the premium. The reduction of the debt proceeded on the ground that J: had been allowed 10% on the extra capital. This was certainly a wrong mode of making J: an allowance, because it was paid whether there was a loss or a gain. A greater proportion of profit and loss would have been the right mode of adjusting the business" "I wrote a letter to J: hearing that he was offended with my former letter - he has not answered it but Upton says he will call on me - I suppose when all is over"
                        8.1.1833 "I had to meet U: at Aders where we settled the deed between J: and A: and this being settled I left A: and U: to settle together the deed to Loevenhagen, Upton having nothing to consider but A's interest - I was glad to leave a house I hope not often to enter again"
                      12.1.1833 "J: has written me a civil note and will at some future time explain why he cannot agree with me!"
                      17.1.1833 "J: I fear is not likely to go on well without" (Aders) "Mrs A: seems unaffectedly to sympathise with him" (Jameson)
                    11.10.1833 the Aders "In business, for the present they seem to have gone on well, but the animosity between A: and Jameson has rather encreased tahn declined"
                     16.10.1833 "Mrs A: says Jameson's first advice to his correspondent in Germany in the Indigo line has proved very unlucky and the contrary advised by A: turned out well - This, as far as I have any feeling, is agreeable to me - J: has not yet answered my letter written when the burst took place and has by his silence broken off all acquaintance with me"
                       10.2.1836 "Jameson is dead - probably occasioned by depression of spirits at want of success in business"
                         9.4.1836 "called on the Butlers and had a long chat - I found as I expected that Jameson had complained to them that I had taken part against him with Aders - whose ill treatment of him they said had affected his health - I informed them of what I had really done - That I had only taken up the cause of the weaker and done Jameson no wrong - That by taking usurious interest he had no power of obtaining his debt which indeed A@s poverty put it out of his power to discharge. They said that Jameson had expressed the intention of explaining to me circumstances which I was ignorant of. His not answering my letter was an admission of the truth of every fact I stated tho' there might be other facts which I was ignorant of"
                         6.6.1838 Loevenhagen "and I wrote a letter to Jameson and to Lemme begging them to get the consent of the creditors to a division of the pictures among them by lottery"
                         6.7.1838 "had a letter from Lovenhagen - Jameson had written putting difficulties in the way of the lottery of the pictures"
                       10.7.1838  called with Lovenhagen "on young Jameson - He received me very civilly and his appearance altogether gave me a favourable impression of him - he seems disposed to do what is right"
                     21.12.1838 "called on Jameson and told him of our determination to sell those pictures in the Spring"
                       23.4.1839 call on Jameson (not at home)
Reminiscenses IV 227, 19.10.1857 "Aders' Affairs going wrong Jameson forced him to quit the business in which they were partners, He paid all the partnership debts, And remained therefore in credit - As his son now is, and they have ever been"                   
William Jameson buried Bunhill Fields 6.2.1836 age 61, his will dated 13.1.1836 and 24.1.1836 mentioned his wife Sarah, brothers-in-law Walter Kingsbury of Taunton & Thomas Kingsbury, niece Miss Charlotte Darvall ,sister Mrs Parker, sister Mrs Thomas Butler of Witham, sons William Kingsbury & Charles. daughters Hannah Maria now Mrs Meyer, Sarah Andrews now Mrs Hankey, and Frances Anne / William Jameson of St Anne's Blackfriars, London druggist bach = All Saints Southampton 30.4.1800 Sarah Kingsbury otp sp. Sarah Jameson died 5.10.1857 at Clapton.  Marquardt I p 24 n 13 my translation  "through his friend John Towill Rutt (DNB 1760-1841) Robinson met Rutt's young relative William Jameson who worked in his counting house. He had connections with German merchants, and founded in 1806 the firm Jameson and Aders with Charles Aders from Elberfeld, which lasted till 1833". William Jameson was baptised in January 1775 at Warminster Common Close Independent chapel where his father was minister from 1771 t0 1781, and his future wife Sarah dau of Rev William Kingsbury of Southampton & Mary his wife was baptised there on 11.11.1773. The Rev William Jamesonhad been baptised 30.3.1749 at St Vincent St Scotch Church Stepney son of David & Helen, William Jameson of Warminster Wilts bach = St Helens Bishopsgate 17.12.1772 Hannah Andrews otp sp. He was later minister at Royston and Bocking, was buried 1.12.1827 Bocking age 79, his will PCC 1828. Hannah Andrews' brother Mordecai married John Towill Rutt's sister Elizabeth at St Andrew by the Wardrobe on 8.2.1780, and Hannah's sister Mary had married the Rev William Kingsbury (DNB 1744/5-1818) and father of William Jameson's wife, at Gosport on 23.11.1768. William Jameson junior's eldest son William Kingsbury Jameson born 22.2.1806 married at Brixton 2.5.1832 Mary Ann Gurney daughter of William Brodie Gurney (DNB 1777-1835). The second son Charles was born 2.6.1810. The eldest daughter Hannah Maria was born 2.9.1804 and married on 28.7.1829 at Hackney Edward Simeon Meyer. The second daughter Sarah Andrews was born 3.7.1807 and married on 19.9.1829 William Akers Hankey of Fenchurch St. The youngest daughter Frances Anne Jameson was born 28.2.1817. Note that the opinion of Jameson that Crabb Robinson held in 1857 was considerably better than that implied by the entries above from 1833 to 1836. See Jameson, Anna Brownell for possible confusions between Jamesons