Jamieson, Thomas

6.11.1794 Jamieson at Foulkes' / 28.1.1796 Jamieson calls on Northcote with Godwin & Smith / 24.4.1796 Smith & Jamieson breakfast / 19.6.1796 again / 17.8.1796 Jamieson calls / 23.10.1796 Jameson breakfasts / 2.3.1797 meet Jameson / 21.4.1816 Jamieson dines with Godwin / 24.4.1816 shop. Dr Jamieson / 27.10.1826 dine at  Hodget's with miss Jamieson & pere /. 12.11.1826 sup at Hodget's senr with miss Jamieson / 12.5.1834 Gaskel's, mrs Jamieson.
Possibly Thomas Jameson surgeon Royal Navy 1777 / surgeon & apothecary Hart St Bloomsbury 1779 / of Hart St took appr Edwd Elton 1786 / steward of Scottish Hospital, London 1787 / married 10.4.1787 St George Bloomsbury Cetherine Sharp / A Treatise on Diluents publ.1789 by TJ surgeon of HM Navy and practitioner in Bloomsbury / Two Cases of Hydrocephalus, Medical Society 1790 / MD by 1802, at Bloomsbury 1803, at Cheltenham 1804 / Morning Post 2.2.1811 died at his house in Upper Berkeley St, Portman Sq, father to Dr Jameson physician to the Baltic fleet / Thomas Jameson's will PCC 1811 of Upper Berkeley St, late surgeon general of New South Wales, son John Royal Navy, infant daughters Elizabeth, Harriot, Matilda. Also surgeon's 1st mate of Sirius, at Norfolk Island 1788, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire 1797, surgeon of Norfolk Island 1797-1809, maybe another of same name? Neighbour of Foulkes and saw Godwin in company with Smith possibly surgeon see (Smith George)
In David Webster's letter to Godwin (Bodleian Abinger c7 f78-9) he mentioned Mr Jameson portrait painter as having suggested he contact Godwin. I haven't discovered who that might have been but note that Godwin called on the artist James Northcote DNB 1746-1831 with Jamieson on 28.1.1796