Jones, Louisa.

Louisa Jones daughter of Arthur & Ann Jones was baptised 13.8.1773 at Bath Abbey. Arthur Jones had married Ann Crosby on 4.10.1766 at Bath Abbey and in his will dated 8.9.1794 and proved 27.1.1795 (Nat Arch PROB11/1254) he called himself woollen draper of Bath, and mentioned 2 sons, Richard (in business at Frome who had "made improper use" of money) and Thomas; and 4 daughters Elizabeth, Margaret, Louisa & Frances. At St Dionis Backchurch, London on 4.7.1801 Louisa Jones, "spinster of this parish" married Henry Dibbin, bachelor of St Michael Bread Street, witnesses George Dyson, Hannah Godwin. Her sister Elizabeth died in June 1804 leaving a will (Nat Arch PROB11/1417), for which on 16.11.1804 Henry Dibbin swore to her handwriting. Louisa Dibbin died at Chiswick 19.6.1835. Between September 1797 and December 1798 when Louisa Jones was living in Godwin's house, she was only mentioned in the diary when they went out together. It can be presumed that she was present at most meals at Godwin's house in that period, at many of which her sister Margaret and her friend Hannah Godwin were noted. Theatre w, Jones 23.6.1798, not coded to her in GD website, was probably her as was LJ & M(arshall) dine 24.1.1799. After her marriage she appeared on 7.8.1801 "Dibbins call"; 5.12.1812, 6.3.1814, and 3.1.1816 "L Dibbin" calls; and 17.1.1824, shortly after her husband's death, Godwin calls "on L Dibbin".
6.11.1796 miss Jones calls may have been her / 9.5.1797 Jones's call likewise / 13.11.1799 miss Jones at E Reynolds' less likely? see my entry for Jones,.Miss