Kentish, Edward

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SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION; Dr Edward Kentish proposed member 27.5.1791 by John Frost 2nded John Horne Tooke
GODWIN DIARY: 27.12.1795 Kentish at Holcroft's / 14.1.1796 Godwin calls on (not in) / 29.1.1796 Godwin calls on / 10.3.1796 Godwin calls on (not in) / 12.3.1796 at theatre (Iron Chest adapted from.Caleb Williams by Godwin) / 27.3.1796 dine at his with Foot & Holcroft / 2.4.1796 at theatre / 27.5.1796 meet / 13.9.1812 call on Dr Kentish, deceased (at Bristol) / 18.2.1835 mes(dames) Martineau & Kentish at tea.   In Godwin's1796 list
GD website identifies him as John Kentish DNB 1768-1853. At least as likely is Dr Edward Kentish SCI member as above. Especially if my identification of his guest on 27.3.1796 as Jesse Foot DNB 1744-1826 surgeon is right. And Godwin's call on Dr Kentish in Bristol in 1812 suggests a previous acquaintance, but Godwin seems to have been misinformed about his being deceased. Edward Kentish doctor of physic of Bristol will PCC 1833 died 5.12.1832. Mentioned in Bristol papers in connection with Mr Breillat and the Bristol Gas Light Company in 1818 and with freemasonry in 1823, published a narrative of facts relating to the Bristol election in 1818. Senior physician at St Peter's hospital, Bristol 5.12.1832.  He was buried at Lewins Mead Presbyterian Bristol 14.12.1832 aged 69, which would fit with his being the Edward son of Richard Kentish baptised at Bridlington, Yorks in 1763..He married 13.12.1804 at Bristol Jane Rankin, sister of Elizabeth the mother of Harriet Martineau (DNB 1802=1876), who boarded in 1818-19 at a small school run by her aunt in Bristol (see her DNB article).  Edward Kentish's will was witnessed by Margaretta and Isabella Rankin, two of his wife's sisters, and mentioned their brother Thomas (his will PCC 1849 wine merchant of Bristol). Their father Robert Rankin dissolved his partnership with his sons Robert & Thomas as sugar refiners of Bristol in 1808, and by 1816 the sons had a British wine business in Bristol, while their father returned to Newcastle and died in 1823 aged 85 at the Hepburn Colliery. Godwin's visitors in 1835 may have been the two sisters Elizabeth and Jane, both by then widows. Edward Kentish is missing from the catalogue of Doctors of Medicine at Edinburgh even though his dissertation in Latin published Edinburgh 1800 is available online. On the title page of his 1797 Essay on Burns (especially those received by coal miners) he was called Edward Kentish surgeon