Lane, Miss

HCR diary 31.5.1822 at Aders "The two Miss     were there - the elder has a romantic face - They are great favourites with Mrs A: - we had whist - I read Wordsworth to the Miss     and we were regaled with delicious wine and a good supper - we came home late"
                    14.6.1822 "to Aders. The Miss Lanes there - Miss L: senr is a governess at Mr Eaton's near Newmarket" (next passage in shorthand) "pressed me much to call on her, and offered to come and meet me at N: She is an agreeable woman and Mrs Aders praised her much but cannot account for her being so very prevenant towards me"
                      3.5.1823 at Aders "The Miss Lanes there - dull and out of spirits - I read some extracts from the new magazines and I talked about my sister"
                    26.5.1823 "I called on Miss lane and staid 2 hours. She certainly is an interesting woman and I gave her credit for all the qualities which attach Mrs Aders so strongly to her"
                    31.5.1823 at Aders "An incongruous party - Coleridge was there, but no one to enjoy his company except Miss Lane - There were some German strangers who knew little or no English"
                  26.10.1823 at Aders "the Reeces -Miss Lane"
                    21.5.1824 with Mary Lamb "to the French theatre - met Mrs Aders and Miss Lane at the door and we went into the theatre together - A knot of acquaintance around me so that I had amusement enough"
                    11.6.1824 "made a call on Miss Lane. She wished to see me about our common friend Mrs Aders. Like me she is put to embarrassment by the singularity of Mrs Aders situation and like me thinks our friend unaccountably regardless of that situation"
                    30.4.1825 "Tea at home and a lady party - Mr & Miss Denman & Miss Flaxman - Mr & Mrs Masquerier and they brought with them the Miss Lanes -We looked over prints and I had sandwiches and sweets" "I walked home with the Masqueriers and Miss Annette Lane"
                    25.5.1825 party at Robinson's with the Masqueriers, Mr Collier, Miss Lanes, Miss Esther Nash and Miss Harriet Fordham "no one entirely unconnected with the others"
                    29.7.1826 at Aders "Annette Lane there"
letter from Ferdinand Ries in Frankfurt to Annette Lane at Godesberg 13.5.1827 "My dearest Annett I intend, telling you if seen, the pleasure I feel of seing you again, but I could not write it. I assure you it was a long wished for pleasure, and I hope ypu will not postpone your coming, though Eliza, Godesberg, may have many charmes. As I suppose you would not like travelling by yourself with the Stage, I will come to Coblentz to fetch you: in leaving Godesberg with the stage at 11½ in the morning you arrive in Coblentz at 6 o'clock, where I will be at the office, as I must remain a few days at Coblenz, I shall write to you when I arrive there, and settle every thing better - perhaps I must also come as far as Godesberg, if my things there are not yet quite settled, on which subject I expect evry day a letter from there, but do not mention my comming perhaps" (British Library probably - it was in the Museum when I copied it years ago without noting reference, maybe Add Ms 35267?)
 HCR diary  18.1.1828 at Cambridge "called on Miss Lane who was visiting at Mr Tyrwhitt's - a young married gownsman." Mr & Miss Eaton at Tyrwhitts. "Miss L: is a woman of talents and greatly respected in her station as governess in Mr Eaton's family"
                        4.4.1829 at Brighton "Miss Lane called who is improved by time & has a respectable seriousness about her which sets off vitality and shewy manners"
                      11.6.1835 Mrs Aders on Fitzroy Kelly's marriage "To form it he broke his word to a friend of Mrs A's whom (she says) I know - I suspect Miss Lane"
                    10.11.1843 Miss Lane "Old Eaton the banker is dead and Miss L: after devoting 30 years of her life to the education of his daughter is left without any provision whatever - The heir will do nothing for her - The daughter, her pupil, is married and has not the means - A younger son abroad will do something it is supposed. All this is anticipation, for Miss L: said nothing on the subject"
                    20.11.1843 call "on that worthy woman Miss Lane. We talked de omnibus but especially of poor Mrs Aders and that miserable Mrs Ley"
                    17.11.1844 at Sir Isaac Goldsmid's, Charles Meyer's wife "very warmly praised by the Goldsmids. I delivered a message to her from Miss Lane who also speaks very highly of her"
                      5.12.1845 "chat with Miss Lane. She told me of her sad state of being left nearly unprovided for by the Eaton family with whom she lived so long. The son MP for Cambridge is out of his mind and her pupil, warmly attached to her, is married to a selfish man and cannot do what she wishes for her"
See my entry for Richard Eaton in Crabb Robinson Diary dataset. Benjamin Lane otp bach = All Hallows London Wall 7.10.1781 Christiana Maria Leigh sp of St Bartholomew the Less. Their children Francis William born 29.12.1784, Elizabeth born 13.9.1786 Christiana born 17.10.1788 Charles born 29.7.1790 all baptised at St Michael Cornhill, Ann born 5.8.1795 Mary born 25.4.1797 both baptised at St Giles Camberwell. Benjamin Lane notary public & ship agent 11 St Michaels Alley, Cornhill 1783 and from 1790 insurance broker Birchin Lane, was presumably the Benjamin Lane insurer of Freemans Court, Cornhill bankrupt 23.4.1793 cert 27.1.1794, and of Birchin Lane bankrupt 25.12.1802 cert 8.3.1803. His will London Consistory Court of Birchin Lane notary public dated 9.5.1807, he died August 1813, proved 28.8.1817 by his brother-in-law Thomas Leigh of Princes Sq Ratcliffe under £450 to be divided equally between children. In the 1841 census "Miss Lane " age 35 was recorded as living with her by then married pupil Maria Louisa Reid at Ewell Grove, Surrey, and an Annetta Lane teacher age 35 was recorded as living in the household of George Pellew, Dean of Norwich. In the 1851 census Christiana Lane age 60 unmarried fund holder born Cornhill, London was living at Church St Ewell with 2 female servants and a visitor Charlotte Reynolds age 30 unmarried fund holder born Thetford Norfolk. Christiana Lane was buried 21.3.1853 age 63 at Ewell and her will dated 29.12.1845 witness Maria Louisa Reid, all to sister Ann Lane spinster who proved it PCC 30.7.1853. In the 1861 and 1871 census Ann Lane was living at Ewell, she died 5.1.1875 and was buried at Ewell 11.1.1875, her will was proved under £5000 by Algernon Black of Gt Pulteney St. If Maria Eaton had really been Miss Lane's pupil for 30 years then Miss Lane took the position about the time of her father's death when Maria was 3 years old. The Reeces meant Ferdinand Ries 1784-1838 composer who was a friend, pupil and secretary of Beethoven, and his wife Harriet dughter of Pierre Mangeon, who were married at St Marylebone 25.7.1814 witnesses F C Meyer and Manette Mangeon. They had two daughters born in London in 1819 and 1820 and returned to Germany in 1824. See also my entries for Goldschmidt, Tyrwhitt and Meyer, Charles