Lawrence, Miss

HCR diary 11.7.1836 at Mrs Aders blue stocking party "Miss Lawrence"
                   27.9.1836 at Charles Baldwin's "Miss Lawrence there. She was aware of the expected failure of A: and I find Gilman takes out a friendly commission. I think it fortunate I was not in London - 'For' she says 'a few hundreds would have enabled them to go on'!! Had I been applied to I hope I should have had courage to refuse"
                 19.10.1836 Mrs Aders circular announcing her intention to open a hotel garnie at Brussels "several friends have already said they will take up their residence with her. Miss Lawrence is one of those and she will advance £100"
                 12.11.1837 call on the Aders "They have a German boarder and expect a second young man besides Miss Lawrence"
                     2.4.1838 call at Aders "I was glad to perceive Mr Aders house nearly full - Miss Lawrence, Mrs Bent a widow gentlewoman and a young German must render their living now very little expence to them"
                  24.4.1839 at Christie's before sale of Aders pictures "Miss Lawrence, Miss Denman, Procter and his wife and I looked over these pictures with a view to making a few purchases"
                    9.5.1839 "A letter from Mrs Aders who wants a picture for Miss Lawrence which I answered I fear too angrily"
                  14.5.1839  "a letter from Mrs Aders complaining of an unkind letter from me about a picture Miss Lawrence wanted - I was sensible I had written improperly and I apologised and made the best atonement I could by consenting to give up the picture"
                  28.5.1839 "call from Mrs Aders - she took away the picture of an old woman by Albert Durer which I bought for £3 and which Miss Lawrence begged for and I have most unwillingly parted with"
                  12.6.1839 "went on to the Aders - a friendly reception, but a little constraint. I am afraid to ask questions - Nothing about Ellen, nor their loss of their lady inmate - nor Miss Lawrence - they are now quite alone"
                     8.8.1839 "I hear nothing about the Alb: Durer which Miss Lawrence has got"
                   11.8.1839 Mrs Aders "has said nothing about Miss Lawrence's picture nor has she offered to pay for it"
                   2.12.1839 Camberwell friends "Mrs W Benecke and I lunched with the Baldwins and Miss Lawrence"
                   21.6.1840 "called on Mrs Aders. A chat with Miss Lawrence"
                   14.3.1841 call on the Aders "Miss Lawrence was there happily but it was a melancholy visit"
letter from Mrs Aders in Paris 17.12.1842 to [Maria Denman] in London "I conclude our excellent friend Robinson told you I first waited here at Miss Laurent's request, who wished to join me, to go with me to Italy, that she was seized with illness and could not come" "Miss Laurents had she come would have met to offer to bring a letter for you, and will no doubt do the same in February when she is coming to Italy" (letter probably in British Library Flaxman Manuscripts, was in British Museum when I copied it years ago)
HCR diary 31.8.1843 "called on Miss Car. Denman. She had sent me a letter from Aders about Miss Rough's going to live with them as Miss Lawrence does - but Miss R: does not go"
                  11.12.1843 "called on Miss Denman. She had sent me letters from Mrs Aders and Mrs Niven - Poor Mrs A: is annoyed by Miss Lawrence who is in the way now as I foresaw would be the case"
                      8.2.1844 letter from Mrs Aders in Florence who wants to follow Mrs Niven to Rome "but she is hampered by Miss Lawrence"
The will PCC 5.5.1797 of the Rev Hugh Laurents of Kingston, Surrey dated 30.3.1797 mentioned his two daughters Elizabeth Ann and Elizabeth Charlotte. Hugh Laurents (1739-1797) Alum Ox was master of Kingston Grammar School, his older brother Philip (1731-1787) was master of Bury St Edmunds school. Charles Baldwin (QV*) of St Ann Blackfriars married at Stoke D'Abernon, Surrey on 27.3.1798 Elizabeth Ann Laurents. Eliza Ann Laurents was born 1.11.1776 and bapt 9.1.1777 at St Augustine the Less, Bristol, dau of Hugh & Elizabeth. Elizabeth Charlotte  Laurents was bapt 8.9.1779 at Claines, Worcs dau of Hugh & Elizabeth. In the 1841 census at Grove Hill Manor, Camberwell were living Eliza Baldwin age 60 and Elizabeth Laurents age 60. Elizabeth Charlotte Laurents spinster died 23.4.1864 age 84 and was buried 30.4.1864 at Charlton Kings, Cheltenham