30.12.1807 Philips's, tea & supper; adv. Leigh / 20.11.1809 call on Mills, Rivington, Leigh, Hume, Knowles, Goddard, Hatchard, Sharpe, Stockdales & Tabart / 17.12.1811 Leigh calls / 20.5.1813 call on Leigh 
Godwin's calls on 28.11.1809 were mainly on booksellers, strting from Rivington at St Pauls and then via Knowles at the Navy Office in the Strand to Goddard in Haymarket, Hatchard, Sharpe and Stockdale in Piccadilly to Tabart in Picadilly or Bond-st. If Hume was Godwin's friend Joseph Hume as coded in GD website he also may have had a connection in the Strand as Joseph Hume of Notting Hill insured 15 & 16 Strand (Skill, oilman) SunFire 1804. (Sharpe would have been John Sharpe bookseller of Picadilly, coded on GD website to a generic Sharp with no identification). George Leigh (with John Sotheby 145 Strand (1804-1816) booksellers & auctioneers) was likely this Leigh and may also have been the other three Leigh entries above. George Leigh bookseller of Strand will PPC 11.2.1817