Lemaistre, John Gustavus

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SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Gustavus Le Maitre Esq of Queens College Oxford proposed member 6.6.1788 by Rev William Beville 2nded John Lodge Batley
John Gustavus Lemaister born 2.3.1769 bapt 4.3.1769 Percy Chapel St Pancras of Stephen Cesar & Mary. His father Stephen was recorder of Rochester appointed judge of Supreme Court of Justice Calcutta 1773, died 1778. His mother Mary was dau of James Roche of Abystrowy, co Cork and married 2ndly 1779 Gustavus Adam Baron Nolcken (Swedish ambassador) who died 16.12.1812, she died 2.7.1816 in 78th year (Gents Mag). He attended Westminster School. BA Queens College Oxford 1790, Lincolns Inn 1791. Caledonian Mercury 6.5.1782 James Macrae of Houston Esq married Maria 2nd dau of Stephen Cesar Lemaistre / Caledonian Mercury 2.4.1789 prologue written and spoken by Mr Lemaistre at the Theatre Marionville (see Traditions of Edinburgh by Robert Chambers p351 for the duel James Macrae of Marionville fought in 1790) /  World 7.3.1793 JGL steward of Friends of Freedom at Crown & Anchor / JGL = Bath 6.3.1794 Elizabeth Vassall (born 1771 dau of John Vassall 1738-1797 who married at Boston, Mass in 1771 Elizabeth Oliver 1744-1807 and came to England 1776 his will PCC 1798) / JGL wrote books Frederic Latimer (1799), Rough Sketch of Paris (1803), Travels (1806 in Europe after Peace of Amiens 1802 extensively reviewed and acerbically slated in Edinburgh Review) & How will it work? (1832 about the Reform Act) / JGL and his wife were often mentioned in "Fashionable" news 1800-1804 / Jacksons Oxford Journal 14.11.1840 death at Cheltenham on 4.11.1840 JGL Esq in his 72nd year / Morn Post 18.7.1857 death at Cheltenham of Elizabeth widow of JGL in her 84th year