HCR diary 6.1.1833 at Aders in lock up "at his place I found Lemme - I was pleased by the cordial manners of L: towards A: and that A: had made up his mind to carry into effect the agreement with Loevenhagen and Jameson - L: I found thought that I had offered too much and that A's engagement should be only honorary"
                 20.4.1833 wrote to "Lemme stating on what conditions and understanding I consented to become trustee for Aders"
                 29.4.1833 "attended for the first time in Warwick St, Aders, Lemmé, Loevenhagen, Richardson and Upton, and there accepted the trusteeship with L: of Aders' pictures for the benefit of creditors"
                 25.5.1833 "The assignment was to have been executed but Lemme did not come"
                 12.3.1834 "Loevenhagen called and I accompanied him to Lemmé's. We were joined by Aders. Aders's suggestions were corroborated by Lemmé"
                   9.3.1837 "Saw Lemme who promised to take charge of my debt on Aders' pictures and remit the money to Mr Ingram"
                 11.3.1837 "I found the Aders undetermined about going to Brussels - Lemme has said as much and he disapproved of the plan. I fear the money will be thrown away"
                 11.8.1837 on return from tour of continent with Wordsworth, saw "Lemme - nothing done with the pictures"
                   6.6.1838 "I wrote a letter to Jameson and to Lemme begging them to get the consent of the creditors to a division of the pictures among them by lottery"
              21.12.1838 "called on Jameson and told him of our determination to sell the pictures in the Spring. Lemme I met before in the street and told him the same"
                23.4.1839 "calls on Jameson (not at home) and Lemmé to talk about the pictures of Aders to be sold"
                26.4.1839 Lemme at the auction sale
John Louis Lemmé of Edmonton, Middlesex Esq bach = (licence 5.1.1825) Elizabeth Emma Hammond sp of the same place. Daughter Paulina bapt 13.10.1827 Antwerp. Act for naturalising Jean Louis Lemmé, House of Lords 1833. (Nat Arch HO 1/16/6). Son Louis Christian bapt 31.8.1833 St Stephen Coleman St (died Paris 26.12.1891). 1839 directory, 1, Finsbury Circus. Westminster Archives D>Misc/288/2 letter from composer Ignaz Moscheles to Miss Lemmé (not seen). 1851 census 10 Eliot Place, Blackheath J L Lemme age 64 general merchant British subject, wife Elizabeth age 50 born Edmonton, dau Mary A E unm age 25 born Antwerp, nephew August Lemme unm age 20 born Offen, Germany. Jean Louis Lemme died 2.2.1865 at 6 Eliot Place effects under £60,000, buried Highgate Cemetery 8.2.1865 age 78 from Blackheath