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SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Sir Watkin Lewes of Kings Road, Grays Inn Lane original member 1780. took on Wales for SCI tract distribution
Watkin Lewes 1740-1821 (historyofparliamentonline 1754-1790 & 1790-1820)
GODWIN DIARY: 11.11.1788 Lewis at miss Williams' / 9.2.1790 again / 7.5.1790 again / 13.5.1791 again.
Many of the Lewis entries have been coded in GD website to Sir Watkin Lewes but I find most of these unlikely. The Lewis at miss Williams' could have been one of a number of subscribers to her 1786 Poems (T Lewis Esq, C Lewis Esq, R Lewis Esq Colchester). Robert Lewis, linen draper High St Colchester 1784.
The Lewis, C L at John Hollis's on 7.4.1791 may have been Sir Watkyn Lewes ( DNB c1740-1821) if C L stood for City of London (his seat in Parliament). (Lewis) at Brand Hollis' 14.5.1791 could have been Sir Watkin or could refer to what the Lewis at miss Williams' the day before had said; and Lewis at the Crown & Anchor on 14.7.1791 & 27.11.1795 may well have been Sir Watkyn also.
Then there was a Lewis at John Hollis' on 11.11.1795, 25.11.1795, 12.5.1796, 1.12.1796,  and 13.3.1797 who seems to have been a close friend or family member as each time he appeared with Hollis's relations Lister or Anthony.. 26.3.1801 meet J Hollis & Lewis may have been the same person.
10.12.1794 Lewis at Martineau's was more likely to have been Jeremiah Joyce's friend the Rev George Lewis, afternoon preacher at Carter Lane, (Trials for Treason & Sedition vol 8), listed in Unitarian Society 1792 of Clapton, who subscribed, as did two of the Martineau brothers, to the fund for state prisoners in 1794 & 1795, subscribed to Dr Geddes 1790, was a steward of the Friends of Freedom in 1796, and was possibly also 5.4.1801 'meet Lewis, vdm'.
The only Lewis in Godwin's 1796 list was in 1795 and seems to correspond with the Lewis at John King's on 31.3.1795 when the actor Quick was also present and therefore may well have been William Thomas Lewis (1746-1812) actor and manager of Covent Garden theatre, he may also have been the Lewis at King's on 3.9.1795, Wolcot was there on both occasions.
21.11.1809 call on Lewis (K R S) / 1.12.1809 call on Lewis (not seen) / 6.12.1809 call on Lewis (K R S) / 20.1.1810 call on Lewis / 5.6.1810 again / 23.8.1810 again / 3.12.1810 again / 22.12.1810 Lewis calls / 28.2.1811 call on Lewis / 22.4.1811 again / 16.7.1811 again / 18.10.1811 again / 27.11.1811 write to Lewis / 2.1.1812 call on Lewis (not seen) / 3.2.1812 call on Lewis / 7.7.1812 seek Lewis / 11.7.1812 call on Lewis / 13.11.1812 again / 14.3.1813 dine at Hume's, adv. Lewis
This set looks like it was one person, beginning after no Lewis for 6 years, except maybe the adv. at Hume's was someone else. The only guess I could make as to K R S was Knight Rider Street and there was indeed a George Lewis wholesale ironmonger at 18 (Little) Knight Rider-st in partnership with Robert Jones from 1800 to 1815.


Work notes
Richard L signed declaration of Friends to Liberty of Press 1792
Mrs Hannah L of 153 Fenchurch St 1786 Socy for Promoting Reigious Knowledge among Poor
Thomas L Law List 1793 counsel Grays Inn
Percival L Law List 1793 recorder of St Albans Lincolns Inn
Rev L of Hackney, & L of Bishopsgate St subscr to Robt Robinson's Eccles. Res. 1792
Mr John Williams Lewis, Parliament St, Unitarian Socy 1791
Mr David Lewis, Mansion House St, 2 gns to Hackney Coll 1788
Mr Leyson Lewis Norwich 2 gns to Hackney Coll 1788
Boyle's 1792: Sir Watkin Lewes 7 King's Rd Bedford Sq / Matthew L Esq 9 Devonshire Pl / J & Charles L Esqs 11 Powis Place / L Esq 28 Eaton St / L Esq 26 Lambs Conduit St / Thomas L Esq 18 Bedford Row Bloomsbury / Thomas L Esq 31 Welbeck St / Mrs L 33 St James Pl / L 10 Portman St / L Esq 41 Duke St