Lingham, Thomas

(see Francis Place's Autobiography ed. Mary Thale pages 94 - 119, Place worked for tailor Lingham)
Note; for parish registers of Savoy precinct you have to contact the vicar, I have not seen for Linghams
Thomas Lingham glover Strand voted 1774 Mountmorris & Mahon, Old Bailey 9.1.1776
   glover precinct of Savoy bankrupt (Gazette 11.2.1777 certificate 24.6.1777)
   glover 137 Strand stock for sale (Morn Post 28.3.1777)
   Sun Fire 1777 glover corner of Dutchy lane Strand
   Old Bailey 21.10.1778 daughter Anne Lingham (gloves stolen)
   Strand voted 1780 Rodney & Lincoln
   Old Bailey 9.1.1782 constable
                     1.1.1784 patent breeches maker 137 Strand wife Mary foreman John Blake
                    14.1.1784 breeches maker & glover wife Mary
   breeches maker Strand voted 1784 Hood & Fox
   Sun Fire 1786 gentleman Strand
   Old Bailey 1.1.1789 breeches maker Strand
   Mx Sess 6.1791 breeches & waistcoat maker of Strand took apprentice William Mutter
   Morn Herald 21.3.1793 steward of charity dinner for delivering poor married women
   Oracle 22.4.1795 proprietor of Lyceum Strand
William Paul Lingham Nat Arch C 111/215 1791-1799 Lingham v Matthews Chancery case relating to esates in Yorks & London (not seen)
Thomas Lingham junior of Strand Morn Chron 9.8.1799
William Paul Lingham & wife Nat Arch C 12/262/12 defendants in Chancery case Sturdy v Lewington 1800 (not seen)
Thomas Lingham breeches maker Old Bailey 14.7.1802
Thomas Lingham breeches maker Strand voted 1802 Fox & Gardner
William Lingham breeches maker Strand voted 1802 Fox & Gardner
Thomas Lingham breeches maker Strand voted 1806 Sheridan & Paull
William Paul Lingham breeches maker Strand voted 1806 Paull
William Lingham breeches maker & tailor in Strand Old Bailey 16.4.1806
Thomas Lingham breeches maker & taylor Old Bailey 15.2.1809 his shopman William Woolfery
Thomas Lingham of Fulham will PCC 3.1.1818 mentioned dau Mary Thompson, servant Ann Clements, James Thomas Tomlins son of late dau Maria Tomlins, son Thomas, crown lease of 137 Strand, dau Ann Ford, dated 10.9.1817
Chancery Nat Arch C 13/2881/39 Maia Elizabeth Tomlins v William Paul Lingham, Thomas Lingham, Mary Thompson & Ann Ford 1818 (not seen)