Lloyd, Mrs

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1.9.1810 mrs Lloyd calls
While this could have been Sophia wife of Charles Lloyd DNB 1775-1839 that seems unlikely as Godwin doesn't seem to have met Lloyd until 1819 and the Lloyds were living in the Lake District with many children in 1810. Mrs Lloyd may have been of the medical profession in the light of the sequence of events in Godwin's diary from 30.8.1810. First Charles Aldis surgeon called, who hadn't appeared in the diary since shortly after the death of Mary Wollstonecraft, but he had since then written a book justifying her; and the same day Godwin, his wife and 5 children took tea, along with Eliza Fenwick, at Hampstead - which probably meant Sir Richard Phillips' house. Two days later on 1.9.1810 the doctor Joseph Adams (who Godwin hadn't seen for four years) called three times, and the surgeon Anthony Carlisle (who Godwin hadn't seen for eight months) called, as did Mrs Lloyd, Eliza Fenwick, and Thomas Turner; and Eliza Fenwick slept the night. The next day Dr Adams called twice, Eliza Fenwick called again, and Thomas Turner slept the night. The next day Dr Adams called and Turner and Fenwick supped; the next day Dr Adams, Turner and Fenwick called. It looks to me like there was some kind of medical emergency in the family. Three days later Godwin noted he was "indisposed" and then noted his "Deliquium" three days running, and Dr Adams called on two of those days. It doesn't look to me like the first medical emergency was Godwin's, though he may have caught something from one of his family or been otherwise triggered. My guess is there was something seriously wrong with Mary or Fanny, given Eliza Fenwick's respect for their late mother. But it could have been any or several of the family including Mrs Godwin. What do you think?