Lloyd, Thomas

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SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Thomas Lloyd  Esq of Lymington proposed member 11.5.1792 by Robert Merry 2nded William Sharpe
Possibly a brother of Gamaliel Lloyd DNB 1744-1817, who along with his bother George 1748-1804 was an SCI member, but active in the early 1780s. They had a brother Thomas 1750-1828 his will PCC 10.7.1828 of Kingsthorp House, nr Pickering, Yorks but no reason to suppose he ever lived at Lymington. That there was a Thomas Lloyd Esq of Lymington, Hants is confirmed by True Briton 23.3.1796 where a letter from him reported the discovery of the bodies of two murdered men on the beach while he was walking near Keyhaven (near Lymington). He was possibly the Thomas Lloyd who married at St Mary Portsea on 5.8.1798 Mary Allen, but I found nothing else to identify him. See the work notes of my entry for Lloyd in the Godwin Diary dataset on this website for multiple unidentified Lloyds