Lobrot, Maria Anne

GODWIN DIARY: 15.2.1811
Maria Anne Lobrot was the daughter of Frederic Lobrot a merchant of Birmingham who died in 1807. (will Nat Arch PROB11/1379). She was born about 1782 (Morning Post 8.6.1836). All the Lobrot entries in Godwin's diary belong to her, as does Lebrau on 15.2.11 when she first called with Margaret Jones. A Marianne Lobrot died in 1859 at Reading.
CRABB ROBINSON DIARY: 6.3.1814 Godwin applied to HCR to speak to Walter (i.e. John Walter of the Times DNB 1776-1847) on behalf of Miss Jones and another lady keeping a school at Blackheath about his sending the Miss Keatings there / 10.3.1814 HCR wrote to Dr Wordsworth (i.e.Christopher Wordsworth DNB 1774-1846) re: character of Miss Lobrot who had been governess in Archbishop of Canterbury's family (i.e.Charles Manners-Sutton DNB 1755-18128) / 11.3.1814 Walter decided to send daughters of Keating to Lobrot "which I communicated to the Godwins and at which they were delighted"