HCR diary 3.1.1833 "had a call from Aders he was apprehensive of being arrested by Loevenhagen. Would I be bail? Luckily I could say I was not qualified not being a housekeeoer"
                    4.1.1833 "broken in upon by Jameson and his attorney (Upton) - They waished me to accompany them to Loevenhagen which I did. We had a remonstrating conversation with L: about his unhandsome proceeding - arresting him after the two attornies had reciprocally promised that there should be no arrest and that A: should not leave the country. L: it appears after seeing Parmeter and Fisher took alarm at information that A: was about to leave England went to another attorney Richardson in Golden square and ordered the arrest - his further excuse was the unintelligible letters which A: wrote. Upton having read A's letters to him, had admitted that had he at first received such a letter he would have been satisfied. On being assured that it was not honestly intended that he should have the security of all A's property he agreed to go to his attorney and we all drove to Mr Richardson's with whom after a time all was arranged - But we could not get L's consent to release Mr A: un til the assignment of his property was executed which will detain him a day longer in the lock-up house - It is evident that L: has lost all confidence in A: - Jameson also"
                 29.4.1833 "N.B. Today I attended for the first time in Warwick St, Aders, Lemmé, Loevenhagen, Richardson and Upton, and there accepted the trusteeship with L: of Aders' pictures for the benefit of creditors. We agreed to postpone the sale and directed that Catalogues should be prepared and printed in French"
                 13.5.1833 "saw Loevenhagen and spoke about Aders' affairs"
               30.10.1833 "called on Loevenhagen with whom I exchanged some conversation on Aders' affairs - he wants an investigation of Aders' accounts and that A: should account for his deficiencies - He says that in 1830 A: assured his brother he was worth £4000 the sum borrowed of him and in 1831 he was £8000 in debt - he ought to explain this and if necessary authenticate his accounts on oath - he says that the deed has a clause to this effect This I very much doubt and I have desired L: to procure that deed preparatory to any application to A: -At all events I will not interfere in such a business - but not refuse my assent to his doing anything he likes in conformity to the deed"
               19.11.1833 "A call from Loevenhagen - I shewed him Aders trust deed which does not enable him to make the enquiry he wished as to the property Mr A: must have lost of late years. I write down with regret what he states and what perhaps might be satisfactorily explained were I to enquire of A: but I have no inclination to do so. He says that in May 1831 when A: applied to his brother to lend him on bond £4000 he declared his private property to amount to more than £4000 - this being besides the property he had in the business. Now it appears that his private debts amount to £12000 which are to be paid as far as may be out of the pictures and other private property - when then were these private debts contracted? can so much as £12000 have been contracted since? I have no doubt that A: honestly thought his pictures were worth that sum - It happens that £4000 were lent by the house to an uncle of Lovenhagen but this I fear cannot be brought to account in explanation since these £400 were lent by the house. Jameson has reduced his demand on A: to £3000 his full demand was   .Such circumstances are distressing and make one distrust those of whom one had before no suspicion whatever. I walked out with L: - I showed him and Hab the Athenaeum"
                25.1.1834 "Aders and Loevenhagen met in my room to consider what was to be done in the administration of the Trust. We are to offer Godesburg for sale immediately and to maake a public sale of the unsold pictures in the Spring"
                10.2.1834 "Lovenhagen is impatient for the sale of the pictures and I suppose that will take place soon"
                12.3.1834 "Lovenhagen called and I accompanied him to Lemmé's. We were joined by Aders. Aders's suggestions were corroborated by Lemmé and the result of the consultation was that we were to wait the result of the private sale during the season - not offer them at a public sale, but then send part to Frankfurt and put part into sales in England. Lovenhagen seemed satisfied with what was resolved this morning"
                14.2.1835 "I had Aders and Loevenhagen with me- they came to look over Mr A's account with the trustees - we are to give him an authority to raise about £1000 on the first produce - he being mo5re tha £400 in advance on that account"
                27.5.1835 "I had with me afterwards Aders and Mr Lovenhagen - it was agreed the pictures should be put up to sale in July"
                31.7.1835 "Hurried home to receive Aders and Loevenhagen about fixing prices for the sale tomorrow"
                17.3.1836 "A call from Lovenhagen today - I told him that D Turner had spoken to Lord Aberdeen about buying the large picture by Van Eyck for the National Gallery but he thinks Mr Aders should not expect more than £300 or £400 for it!!!"
                  4.5.1836 call "on Lovenhagen on Mr Aders' business he is anxious to have the pictures sold and so am I"
                3.10.1836 "Lovenhagen, which is a great point, has taken possession of the pictures on behalf of the creditors - This is not conclusive, but I do not fear we shall be molested - We luckily owe Aders something on account of the pictures" The Aders "say that Lovenhagen has behaved very kindly"
                5.10.1836 "Iwent at 11 o'clock to Lovenhagen whom I had written to and heard from him as favourable an account of Aders affairs as I cld hope, or rather, of the pictures of which he has the possession He assures me too that the creditors knew that we had given to A: the custody of the pictures as best able to turn them to account. I think we have nothing to fear - He seems kindly disposed towards Aders""
                3.12.1836 "a call from Lovenhagen - It is necessary for us to pay a debt to Aders' assignees and which L: Begs me to do - I am to have interest for the money and which therefore I shall be ready to do. L: says Mr A: has applied to him on behalf of Mrs A: This is to me an astonishing application - L: hardly knows himself Mrs A: and he loses several thousand pounds by A: as executor to his brother!!! I do not understand this thing. I have been looking into my books and I find I can afford my £100 which I shall advance readily but not so readily as I should have done formerly"
                  6.6.1838 "Aders & Lovenhagen came to me by appointment. We agreed to attempt the sale of a few of the pictures to defray the expenses, and L: and I wrote a letter to Jameson and to Lemme begging them to get the consent of the creditors to a division of the pictures among them by lottery"
                  6.7.1838 "had a letter from Lovenhagen - Jameson had written putting difficulties in the way of the lottery of the pictures"
                10.7.1838 "Lovenhagen called for me and we went together to Aders who had drawn up a plan for dividing the pictures among the creditors and his proposal is to be sent to them. I called with L: on young Jameson"
                25.8.1838 Aders called - he read me an excellent letter fro me and Lovenhagen to sign advg to a Frankfurt house on the subject of the sale of the pictures"
                13.2.1839 "had a call from Aders & Lovenhagen about the disposal of the pictures which we have agreed to sell by auction - on Wednesday L: and I called at Christie's but could not see him -Isaw him yesterday and have put the matter in his hands"
                  6.3.1839 Aders "has written a letter which is to be forwarded to all the creditors - Yesterday (Friday) he sent it to me and I left it at Lovenhagen's"
                26.4.1839 at final sale of Aders pictures "Lovenhagen who would bid for nothing"
There was a family of goldsmiths at Altona c1700-1850, a probable relation of theirs,John Christopher Lovenhagen = St Sepulchre, Holborn 26.12.1774 Sarah Green, their children William Augustus born 3.4.1776, Thomas born 5.2.1778, John born 30.9.1782 all baptised at Bridewell Hospital Chapel, London. Bailey's directory 1784 John Lovenhagen jeweller and seal maker 9 New Bond St. Passengers Hamburg to Philadelphia 11.10.1785 on ship Hamburgh Jno, Sarah, William, Thomas & Dorothy Lovenhagen. Morning Post 20.5.1842 Ferdinand Lovenhagen in long list of attendees at Her Majesty's Drawing Room. That's all I could unearth