Lymans, James Howard

(see Francis Place's Autobiography ed. Mary Thale pages 117-118 engraver, 16.8.1833 now nearly 70 yrs old, vagabond, wife & 2 daus dead)
James Howard Lymans son of James & Elizabeth Lymans bapt 14.4.1765 St Bride's born 28.3.1765 New Street
James Lymans of New St Square St Brides stationer & chandler will PCC 13.8.1772 wife Elizabeth. He was son of Francis Lymans peruke maker of St Clement Danes and apprenticed 1748 to Francis Cogan stationer.
James lymans of St Dunstan i t West bach = St Geo Han Sq 12.4.1761 Elizabeth Hammatt otp sp by Archbishop lic
James Howard Lymans bach = Marylebone 2.1.1791 Ann Woodford sp botp banns sigs wit W Davie
Papers of London Corresponding Society ed. Mary Thale p 275 James Lymans delegate for Div 25 to LCS general committee 30.7.1795, Div 64 2.9.1795, deputised to Div 4 24.11.1795
Maria Sarh Julia dau of James & Ann Lymans born 14.4.1796 bapt 3.1.1808 St Paul Covt Gdn
Maria Sarah Julia Lymans otp = Soho 3.9.1815 Samuel Appleby otp banns wits J H Lymans, Betty Sandwell
Ann Lymans otp = St Martin i t Fields 1.12.1816 JohnXStockbridge otp wits Samuel Appleby, JXLee
Ann Stockbridge of George Street 29 yrs old bur St Geo Han Sq 23.9.1827