Macklin, Thomas

AMENDMENTS TO OXFORD DNB: Thomas Macklin (1752/3-1800) suggest omit "may have been the son of 'the Reverend Garrard Macklin of the Kingdom of Ireland' mentioned in the will of Thomas Wilson, prebendary of Westminster, from whom Thomas Macklin inherited considerable property in 1784."  Thomas Macklin who inherited half of Thomas Wilson's estates in the Wirral was a different person who changed his name (as requested by the will) to Thomas Wilson, his will was PCC 1798 Thomas Wilson of Derby. His brother was Gerard (or Jared) Macklin born Chester 1728 see Trinity College Dublin admissions. They were probably related to Thomas Wilson's father the Bishop of Sodor & Man. As mentioned in Thomas Wilson's will, Thomas Macklin surveyed the Wirral estates (in 1756, see Cheshire Archives DHL/20/2, also DRO/13). He was a commissioner of Excise in Derby in 1779. I haven't found where this error began but a careful study of the PCC wills of Thomas Wilson 1784, Thomas Wilson 1798 and Thomas Macklin 1800 shows conclusively that it is an error. Nor have I found out Thomas Macklin the printseller's origins yet, but there are clues in what I have researched, see below
see Batemans Buildings in London Addreses dataset
Thomas Macklin Esq ratebooks 1 Batemans Buildings 1774 to 1777, note in ratebooks - moved to 22 New St Covent Garden, Thomas Fielding (?perhaps DNB fl 1776-1787) / Thomas Macklin Batemans Buildings subscribed 1774 to Universal Family Bible, as did 4 other inhabitants of the newly built Batemans Buildings (Alexander Paterson No 11, George & John Robertson, and John Robinson, all? at No 7) / Thomas Macklin of Batemans Buildings Soho carver took appr John Pearson 15.2.1776 for 7 years (Nat Arch IR 1) / Morning Chronicle 17.8.1777 fire at Mr Macklin's carver & gilder New St Covent Garden / Morning Post 23.8.1778 Thomas Macklin carver & gilder retiring from business corner of Adelphi Bldgs in Strand / BM Satires 22.10.1779 Thomas Macklin 1 Lincolns Inn Fields published print of John Paul Jones (DNB 1747-1792)
Thomas Macklin otp = St Martin i t Fields 9.10.1774 Elizabeth Gough of St Marylebone / William Gough = Warfield Berks 3.10.1736 Mary Kenting / will PCC 1773 William Gough yeoman Warfield wife Mary, left £1 to each of his children including daughter Elizabeth / Elizabeth Macklin buried Warfield 7.11.1776 / Thomas Macklin wid otp = St Martin i t Fields 26.6.1777 Hannah Kenting sp of East Hempstead, Berks wits William & Mary Gough / Easthampstead is next to Warfield, Macklin seems to have married his first wife's cousin, Hannah dau of James & Hannah Kenting bapt 7.4.1757 Easthampsted / James Kenting will PCC 1786 yeoman of East Hampstead left freehold to wife Hannah, then dau Hannah wife of Thomas Macklin 
will PCC 1800 of Thomas Macklin dated 28.6.1793 codicil Liverpool 5.7.1793 mentioned freehold estate at East Hempstead, execs wife Hannah, Edward Rogers (will Chester 1796, IR 26 under £5000) & John Wilson (will PCC 1820) merchants of Liverpool, and Samuel Marsden of Scots Yard Bush La, Cannon St, London (will PCC 1805, directories 1788 & 1791 London, directory 1784 Liverpool) also mentioned niece Hannah wife of Dominique Babe / SunFire 1779 Dominique Babe victualler Marquis of Granby Portsmouth St (Lincolns Inn Fields) / Dominique Babe marriage bond & allegation of St George, Middlesex, victualler bach (in one) of St Giles i t Fields (in the other) & Hannah Ferrit sp of St Giles i t Fields 9.10.1782 / Dominique Babe ratebooks St Clement Dane's Butcher Row 1783-1803 SunFire 1788 & 1797 victualler Old Swan Butcher Row / Morning Post 18.3.1785 Dominique Babe printseller of Lincolns Inn Fields retiring / directory 1790 Dominique Babe printseller Carey St Lincolns Inn Fields / Hannah Babe bur 24.4.1796 St Clement Danes / Dominique Babe wid = Stepney 12.7.1802 Mary Willmott wid both of Mile End Old Town / Dominique Babe ratebooks Crown St Soho 1803-7
Monthly Magazine Nov 1800 p369 seems to be the only source of Thomas Macklin's age at death (in 48th year) though Maxted says 40th. He was possibly Thomas son of Jeremiah & Jane Macklin born 8.12.1754 bapt 27.12.1754 St James Piccadilly mentioned in will PCC 1775 of Jeremiah Macklin cornchandler of Little Pulteney St, St James, but the only sister Jane born 1768 would have been too young to be the mother of Hannah Ferrit. Besides, the reference by Landseer to "Irish cabin boy" (see DNB article) and the fact that Macklin's financial backers were from Liverpool, suggest he came from Ireland or Liverpool. (In "Algernon Sidney's Letter" Landseer only said cabin boy and errand boy, I couldn't access Review of Publications of Art). I found two possible Hannah Ferrit baptisms. in Deptford Kent and in Semley, Wilts but haven't found their mothers' maiden names.
Thomas Macklin citizen & glazier of London took appr Samuel Litton Seager 12.1.1775 for 7 yrs ( I suspect unrelated)