call on McCabe 23.1.1805 / 26.1.1805 call on MacCabe / 20.2.1805 call on McCabe / 16.10.1811 McCabe calls
James McCabe gent insured 13 Primrose St on 1.11.1806. He was probably a lodger in the house of John Smith appraiser (see Smith, John at Joseph Godwin's) who was listed for that house in the rate books from 1800 to 1807. The first and third entries above were in a list of calls that included Godwin's brother Joseph, who seems to have assisted Godwin in mamaging the Primrose Street houses, and in the first case Edward Ball (see Ball), another of the tenants. McCabe was perhaps the James Cape otherwise James McCabe of the Stock Exchange whose will PCC 1809 dated 25.2.1809 mentioned John & Edward Meyler infant sons of his late sister Elizabeth Meyler of Dublin. Jonathan Myler had married Elizabeth McCabe at St Anne Dublin on 31.7.1791