McKinnen & Keenan call 25.1.1804 / 13.6.1804 McKinnen calls / 15.6.1804 call on McKinnen with M(ary) J(ane)
See Shelley & His Circle SC55. Daniel McKinnen of Binfield Villa Berks & 6 Grays Inn Sq, his will PCC 1830 mentioned his wife Rachel. He died in Connaught Terrace 31.1.1830. His son Daniel Henry DNB 1813-1884 and his eldest son William Henry died at Bpulogne in 1824 aged 18. He was perhaps the John Daniel Mackinnon son of William of Monmouth admitted Grays Inn 1784 and/or the Col. Daniel Mackinnon of 4 Hertford St voted Lamb 1820. His brother was Brigadier General Henry Mackinnon DNB 1773-1812 of Binfield will PCC 1812. Louisa Mackinnon spinster of Binfield will PCC 1816 was presumably his sister. And see Keenan