Mergez, Georges Nicholas

Mergez 1.4.1820
Georges Nicholas Mergez born 4.1.1772 and died 25.11.1846. Cousin of Georges Danton, he visited London in August 1792 with Recordain, (another of Danton's relations) and Francois Noel, Danton's "agent", shortly after the French Republic was declared. He appears as Merget in Godwin's dairy on 6.9.92, 13.9.92, 14.10.92, 21.10.92, 16.12.92 and 28.1.93. He was aide-de-camp of General de Beurnonville and turned over to the Austrians by Dumouriez. Then rose to be a successful general in Napoleon's army and was made a baron. After the restoration he was made a Marshal but dismissed when he refused to judge Lebedoyere. Retired to run a textile factory with his brothers at Chalons that introduced the Mull Jenny to France. Married Sophia Cole about 1820. Appeaeds as Mergez in Godwin's diary 1.4.1820, 4.4.1820, 7.4.1820, 9.4.1820 and 8.8.1828. For Mergez on 1.7.1835 see Louisa Holcroft (Baddams) below.