Merry, Anne

23.7.1796 call on mrs Merry
Anne Brunton 1769-1808 see Robert Merry DNB 1755-1798 who married her 26.8.1791 and see her father John Brunton DNB 1741-1822. Robert Merry had been arrested fro debt on 8.7.1796 while Godwin was his guest, Godwin dined at the Blackamoor on 12.7.1796 with Merry's so it looks as though Robert Merry had already been released by then or was under a permissive custody, unless the plural implied some other relation of Merry's. The article on Ann Wignell (mrs Merry's later married name) in Highfill, Burnim and Langhans states that she had no children by Merry, but neither that article nor the DNB article on Robert Merry mention the Merrys living near Norwich or his arrest for debt there. Since Merry's family supposedly put pressure on her to leave the stage, she may have been financed by her father to look after her youngest siblings Sophia and Richard (see Brunton, Richard). Godwin called on Merry again in London on 28.7.1796