Meyer, Charles

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HCR diary 17.2.1818 Mrs Smith formerly Mrs Meyer later Mrs Aders "she has resumed her maiden name (tho' she ought to have taken that of her first husband) at Mr meyer's request and with reason, since the bonds of marriage have been dissolved between them"
                 19.12.1820 Mrs Basil Montagu's gossip about Mrs Aders "Of the second husband she spoke more favorable. She used to say of Charles Meyer he is always in the right. But he has shunned her since this affair and that makes her think ill of him in this affair"
                      8.6.1826 at Aders a German (Meyer) from Frankfurt
                    11.2.1827 at Benecke's "A Mr Meyer was a 3rd in the conversation - he contributed little to it - he is a harp teacher brother of the former husband of Mrs A:"
                     8.6.1842 Mrs Basil Montagu about Mrs Aders' first husband Kelly "He was a brute and she never disapproved of her marriage with Meyer - That was a marriage of attachment, but after living with him for about   years they separated, and she divorced her husband, not he her. There were mutual recriminations between M: and her, but Mrs A: was never convicted of any improprieties towards her second husband. He married after her. Mrs Mont: so much disapproved of the third marriage with Aders, that Mrs Mont: declined visiting both"
                17.11.1844 at Sir Isaac Goldsmid's at Brighton "Charles Meyer was the second husband of Mrs Aders. He has a Jewish face and I took no liking to him - but he hardly spoke. His wife on the other hand has a very agreeable countenance - both patronised by Geo: Young and she very warmly praised by the Goldsmids. I delivered a message to her from Miss Lane who also speaks very highly of her"
                20.11.1844 "I called on Miss Meyer - she told me about the Meyers. Him she speaks of as a vain and expensive man. He made his wife give up teaching music and they were restored to comfort after being reduced to poverty by her great exertions. To her she gives all the credit of his improved character"
(Frederic-) Charles Meyer (DNB 1780-1840 note this should be 1858) and his older brother Philip James Meyer (DNB 1770-1849). The 1826 entry above was probably someone else. Harp performances by Charles Meyer in London advertised 19.4.1792 and 3.3.1796. 1812 House of Lords An Act for Naturalising Frederick Charles Meyer. Frederick Charles Meyer of St Marylebone bach = Richmond, Surrey 31.12.1821 by lic Sarah Pomeroy Smith otp sp by Charles Smith wits Clement, Elizabeth & F Smith, M J Meyer, Ph. P Meyer, John May jr. Their son Frederick Charles born 27.11.1822 bapt Petersham 13.12.1822 buried 28.3.1867 age 44 Highgate Cemetery. 1851 census 35 Harewood Sq, Marylebone F C Meyer head age 70 musical professor born Strasbg. British Subject wife S P Meyer age 50. Post Office Directory 1856, 104 Milton St, Dorset Sq. Frederick Charles Meyer buried 19.1.1858 Highgate Cemetery age 78 from Milton St, Dorset Sq. The Miss Meyer of 1844 may have been Mary Ann Meyer born 23.1.1817 and bapt 22.9.1817 St Marylebone dau of Philip & Mary, either a niece or half-sister of Charles Meyer. And see my Background Article, 3 Wives 3 Husbands Living