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SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Samuel Miller of Snow Hill proposed member 30.11.1792 by George Williams 2nded John Williams
Samuel Miller directory 1785 boot & shoe maker 34 Snow Hill. Steward of Friends of Freedom 1796. His will PCC 1821 shoemaker of Skinner St (this was the Miller identified in GD website for 7 entries 1795-1799)
GODWIN DIARY:11.11.1789 Godwin calls on Miller, (the name not mentioned again till 1.3.1795 at Tooke's)
The editorial notes in Godwin Diary website seem to cover all Millers apart from this one,(for which any identification would be highly speculative). See Work Notes below for some Millers. The GD website should really have separate person records for the different Millers. There remain some unidentified Millers included in the person record and some Mrs and Miss Millers unidentified  but these are post 1806 so I haven't looked at them yet
2.7.1802 call, w. Phillips, on Ritson, Miller, Archer, Harding & Tassaert
The Miller that Godwin & Richard Phillips called on 2.7.1802 was likely William Richard Beckford Miller DNB 1769-1844. Apart from their first call, Ritson, the next four suggest what quest Godwin and Phillips were on, as Miller was a skilled artist as well as a seller and publisher of high quality books, Jasper Archer was a portrait painter and restorer of paintings, Sylvester & Edward Harding were artists and publishers, and Philippe Tassaert was a history painter respected for his skill in assessing old masters, see their separate entries

Work notes
Mrs Miller Swallow St & Mr Robert Miller subscr to Maty's Sermons 1788 / Manson Miller signed declaration of Friends to Liberty of Press 1792 / Boyle's 1792 Sir Thomas Miller, Little Scotland Yd, Miller Esq, 13 East St, Queen Sq, Miller Esq, 17 Princes St, Han Sq, Edward Miller Esq, Piccadilly