Muhlenfels, Ludwig von

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GODWIN DIARY: 19.5.1928 / 19.5.1828 / 30.10.1828. He has a person record on GD website
CRABB ROBINSON DIARY: 21.2.1829 at Aders "I met with Muhlenfels German Prof: Un: London - I should judge a sensible man, but his talk was not particularly agreeable"
Jackson's Oxford Journal 17.5.1828 University of London the council appointed Ludwig von Muhlenfels, Professor of the German and Northern languages and literature. His manual of German Literature was published 1830. de.wikipedia 1793-1861. He fled Germany to Sweden in 1821 after being arrested for subversive activities and was planning to emigrate to America when he was offered the post in London, He returned to Germany in 1831,