SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Nash of Royston proposed member 30.3.1781 by Joseph Parker 2nded John Jebb
William s of Thomas Nash & Sarah nee Wallis born 1745 married 1774 Hester Wedd, died 30.12.1829. Woodfall's register 27.1.1790 Wm Nash signed resolutions of Canbridgeshire Constitutional Society. 1791 Unitarian Society, attorney of Royston, his son Wedd William Nash articled to him 1792. Morning Chronicle 9.1.1818 W Nash Royston subscr to William Hone (DNB 1780-1842) and see below
                    26.4.1820 "tea at Miss Nash's"
                    22.5.1823 "called on Mr and Betsey Nash"
                    27.5.1823 "met Thomas Nash of Whittlesford"
                    29.6.1823 went with Thomas Nash of Whittlesford to see Edward Irving preach
                    28.2.1825 "meeting Esther Nash by accident I took tea with her"
                    25.5.1825 party at HCR's chambers Masqueriers, Collier, Miss Lane, Miss Nash, Miss Fordham "No one entirely unconnected with the others"
                    27.5.1825 "accompanied Esther Nash and Harriet Fordham to the Exhibition in Pall Mall of pictures by living artists"
                    24.6.1825 "Mr & Mrs Collier and Hester Nash took tea with me. Miss Nash up for the Swiss journey she is to take with the Colliers"
                    20.7.1825 "at Royston called "at old Mr Nash's"
                    29.7.1825 at Bury "my sister not very well - Miss Betsey Nash with her"
                  16.12.1825 "Thomas Nash of Whittlesea formerly - The Cambridge bank in which he is a partner have stopped payment"
                  24.12.1825 at Royston "walked a little with Hester"
                  29.12.1825 Wedd Nash - Robinson wanted to reconcile him to Thomas N: of Whittlesea once as well as T: N: of Foulmire his intimate friend" "Wedd Nash's very fine organ in his Musick Room"
                    20.2.1826 at Royston T Nash senior and junior. TN sr is a bachelor and has none dependant on him. TN jr married banker's daughter and became partner in bank with no property but liable for debts, had previously left trade at Cambridge to be farmer at Foulmire, has wife and 8 children. Other partners in bank W Serle, late Jas Serle, Hollick . Esther & Eliz Nash came to tea at Mr Wedd's
                    11.4.1826 in London call from Jos Wedd and Wm Nash
                    2.12.1826 call from Tom Nash "now in business with Searle who is a brewer at Cambridge"
                    23.5.1827 small party at Robinson's chambers Mrs Wedd & Fanny W, Pattison & W P, Thos Nash of Whittlesford & Jos Beldam
                      3.8.1827 called on Miss Nash & Mrs Fordham in Norfolk St
                      3.2.1828 "call on Miss Nash and Martha Nash whom I found at a lodging house 17 Bedford Place"
                    24.2.1828 "called at Talfourd's expecting to see Miss Nash - I heard that she had left them"
                  24.12.1828 "all the Fordhams Wedds & Nashs united at the Miss Nash's"
                  25.12.1828 "Wedd Nash's son Will: married last week a Miss Murrell" (= 22.12.1828 Mary Georgina Thurnall)
                    25.4.1838 "I had a call unexpectedly from Esther Nash on her way thro' London -walked with her"
                    29.3.1840 "the Miss Nash's at their boarding house Bedford Place"
William Nash = Fowlmere, Cambs 22.3.1774 Hester Wedd (1747-1810). William Nash "old Mr Nash" "Wm Nash" above, his will dated 14.10.1825 proved  PCC 10.4.1830 by eldest dau Hester Nash. His children  1) Hester born 29.12.1774 died 14.5.1859 unmarried "Miss Nash", "Esther Nash" or "Hester Nash" above  2) Wedd Nash 1776-1858  3) Elizabeth 177-1861 died unmarried 30.4.1861 "Miss Betsey Nash", "Eliz Nash" above  4) Sarah 1780-1855 married at Guilden Morden, Cambs 13.5.1802 John George Fordham (QV*) "Mrs Fordham" above  5) Sarah 1780-1855 "Mrs Wedd" above married Royston 3.12.1812 Joseph Pattison Wedd 1783-1843 son of William Wedd will PCC 1820 woolstapler of Foulmire, Cambs and his wife Elizabeth nee Pattison, J P Wedd had been articled as attorney in 1798 to his future father-in-law William Nash  6) Martha 1782-1868 died unmarried 10.8.1868.
A good summary of the Nash family history is at The Thomas Nash senior and junior mentioned above were both first cousins of Wedd Nash. The one referred to as Thomas senior and also "of Whittlesford" or "of Whittlesea formerly" (this last was probably Crabb Robinson's error as Whittlesey is in the north of Cambridgeshire, while Whiitlesford and Foulmire are near each other just south of Cambridge) was a son of Thomas Nash will PCC 1809 who had married Mary Swann in 1766. Their children were baptised at Fowlmere but Thomas's baptism at Fowlmere on 14.10.1770 apparently gave his mother's name as Elizabeth (not seen image of original). His will PCC 5.4.1841 called him late of Whittlesford oil crusher but now merchant of Thavies Inn, London and mentioned his partnership in a brewery. His burial at Kensal Green on 19.3.1841 from Thavies Inn gave his age as 70. He died a bachelor. The Thomas Nash junior and also called "T: N: of Foulmire" was a son of Richard Wallis Nash and his wife Elizabeth Gifford. He was born in Cambridge in 1775 and married at Saffron Walden, Essex on 13.10.1806 Martha Searle. His will PCC 10.7.1841.  Both Thomas Nashes were involved in business with the Searles. Richard Wallis Nash d.1805, Thomas Nash d.1808 and William Nash d.1830 were the three sons of Thomas Nash d.1755 and his wife Sarah nee Wallis